The New World Order

Now, when I came across Jordan Maxwell's interview from Project Calemot, he would mention a time when he hosted a conference he met a man by the name of "Kosmos" (Cosmos?). He describes Kosmos as a man who is quiet, humble and though he may dress like a hippie, Maxwell could tell that his mannerism speaks different than what he appears to be. He states that during the book selling, a lady dropped a book and when Kosmos went to pick up, a medallion necklace of a double headed eagle with 33 degree fell out shirt. Maxwell then questions Kosmos if he is a Freemason, he then responds that he is a part of the "Council of 33". He then details how Maxwell speaks against the Freemasons and how they are protecting him and such. Then in another account, Maxwell was told about being made a deal by a group of powerful men to which if he agrees to the offer, they will make him their Golden boy. He could speak about anything except for certain information. Then Maxwell responds if he disagrees, he states they are not going to hurt him, but know that they will be their enemy in the long run. 

I remember this story from the late Jordan Maxwell, as he recalls his strange encounters with this man who at that time was a part of the Council of 33. Based from the symbolism of the double headed bird should give the reader a clue to the origins of Vishnu's double headed peacock symbolism. Does this detail that the Freemasons work for the "King of the world"? I remember when Kosmos had detailed him about this deal, he states that if he took this deal, then he would have to pay on the otherside, meaning that whoever sent Jordan here to this Earth, has nothing to do with the Lord of this World.......

This is where we start to understand the true situation of this world, and how the world is run by powerful forces unknown to man. When Jordan was told about those that would wait for him on the otherside, I began to understand that there are other Angels or "Extraterrestrial forces" that sends one of their own to this Earth to do missions. This was stated in the same interview, after Maxwell had the UFO encounter near Rachel Nevada along with his two friends, he goes to a Psychic and she tells them that those flying the crafts are his people. She states based from communicating with them, that he was sent here as an "Emissary" not an Ambassador. Meaning to teach and deliver the message to what's truly going on in this world. 

This is why when Jordan speaks about religion and it's origins going back to Hinduism, I find that majority of the information is correct. The three Abrahamic faiths are based on Hinduism and most people don't know or don't even want to know. It's unfortunate that most people on this Earth don't want to know what's going on, which is why it's easy to control and manipulate everyone and everything. When Jordan Maxwell had his encounter with his former girl friend's father when he was 19, the father told him everything he knows as if he was there when he was born. The father detailed how there are different Extraterrestrials here on earth, and how there is another powerful force here who are their enemies. It seems that this "enemy" pertains to the "Lord of the World" (as the Black God Dagon), because based from researching far and wide is shown how they are worshiped all over the world. 

After studying the symbols in "The Black God", and how Jacob made a pact with this Extraterrestrial force, it becomes a fact as to why there is so much going on and how it's happening right under our noses. Based from understanding the Rh-negative factor in Nick Redfern's "Bloodline of the Gods", he mentions how a person was interrogated by powerful men and being asked strange questions like "Are you working for the Extraterrestrials?" I think the reason why when a person wakes up to find what's going on, they will be watched and be under surveillance. Based from Jordan's thirst for knowledge, I think he had Rh negative blood and was considered different for this reason.

Now, I am not going to go in the same route as the old Chapter from "New World Order", but would rather have this a short chapter instead. It's important to know that based from understanding the symbolism of this world, only then will you begin to have eyes to truly see what's going on in this world. Based from writing the old Chapters, I still didn't have the full understanding of where the origin of the religion, Gods or what really occured in History. Again, I was being flooded with so much information that I just wrote down what came to me. I asked for guidance and thus was given based on my intentions. It's only then I reseached and had compiled everything, that I took a break to figure what to do next.

I knew I couldn't leave it the way it is, so I took what I had learned from this series and updated everything altogether. Like I had stated, it was only later that I find the true story of Michael the Archangel to be Agni, who is Azazil or Iblis from Islamic sources. I also now understand how much people are told based on religion that keeps them in the state of ignorance. There are good and sincere people in this world that want to do the good thing, and those that want to do what God tells them to do, but that is only based on person's intentions. If the person really wants to know what's going on, then the person will ask based on their own intentions. However, even if the person can be a good devoted believer, they may be stuck based on their own perception of what truth is. 

There is the state of belief in God, and then there is the state of knowing what God is and what God isn't. Just because a person believes there is a God doesn't mean anything, as this is based on intentions to understand and question on what is God. I find it interesting that when the Government wants to find out about something, they don't say "I believe you are doing such things", no, they do their research to find out where you go at a certain time, check cameras, and check your background through the web. They want to "know" what you are doing, not believe what you are doing. 

This is what sets the difference between belief and knowing. This is why when looking at such places like "Area 51", those type of facilities "know" who they are dealing with. However, since we are on the otherside, we are stuck in the state of belief of what's going on. It's normal of course, but when you come to something that is consistent, then it becomes evident. For example, the black stone that is worshiped in Mecca is mentioned many times in this website, therefore I now know what this is based on. 

Then comes Revelations 16 and 18, as it details the destruction of Babylon in which is based on the system that we are all engulfed in. Revelations 16 and 18 all details the destruction of Babylon, which is the "New World Order". When learning about Ronald Reagan's speech on how the people should set aside their differences, and if there was a time that an alien threat from outer space should come, it's shown that the concept of the "New World Order" was determined for this purpose. Even General McArthur details this contriversial statement based from this excerpt from "": "...General Douglas Mac Arthur made public statements concerning the possibility of an extraterrestrial invasion stating: "The nations of the world will have to unite for the next war will be an interplanetary war." "The nations of Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets." "The politics of the future will be cosmic, or interplanetary."

This is revealing what the term "Armageddeon" is based on, and finding this discloses how people are trying to delay the inevitable. Through the concept of the "New World Order", everything will come to fruition on how "something" will come and how there will be a great war against that particular force.

So, based on this chapter, I have found certain information that doesn't need to be long but should be given in great detail. Here I will make a list:   

The term "Fasces" is based on the symbol of the "Woman", who usually carries this symbol. It's alternatively called "faggot", as it means "bundle of sticks (not to the person who desires the same sex). In the Wiki states this: "Fasces ; meaning "bundle"; Italian: fascio littorio) is a bound bundle of wooden rods, sometimes including an axe with its blade emerging. The fasces had its origin in the Etruscan civilization and was passed on to ancient Rome, where it symbolized a magistrate's power and jurisdiction. The axe originally associated with the symbol, the Labrys (lábrys) the double-bitted axe, originally from Crete, is one of the oldest symbols of Greek civilization. To the Romans, it was known as a bipennis."

(Etruscan goddess "Vatika" is where "Vatican" gets it's name, that's a no brainer...)

Then based on "Labrys" states this: "Plutarch relates that the word labrys was a Lydian word for "axe": Many scholars including Evans assert that the word labyrinth is derived from labrys and thus, would imply "house of the double axe". A priestly corporation in Delphi was named "Labyades". The original name was probably "Labryades", servants of the double axe. In Roman times at Patrai and Messene, a goddess Laphria was worshipped, commonly identified with Artemis. Her name was said to be derived from the region around Delphi. In Crete the "double axe" is not a weapon, however, and it always accompanies women, not a male god. Beekes regards the relation of labyrinth with labrys as speculative, and rather proposes a relation with laura, "narrow street", or to the Carian theonym Dabraundos."

(The term "Labrys" is based on the Female goddess, in which is obvious)

Then "Faggot" states this: "A faggot, in the meaning of "bundle", is an archaic English unit applied to bundles of certain items. Alternate spellings in Early Modern English include fagate, faget, fagett, faggott, fagot, fagatt, fagott, ffagott, and faggat."

People will state that it's considered a "Roman" symbol, which is true because "all roads lead to Rome". This is why when you see the Pope wear the little "cap" on his head, you already know the similarities of the Jewish "Kippah", and the Muslim "Kufi".

Do you think the Christians will wait for the time of the "AntiChrist", when the term "AntiChrist", is really based on "not" being a worshipper of Baal and Ashtoreth. Because "Christ" is based on "Krishna", who is the Black Buddha and the God Dagon (also the term "AntiChrist" is also called "AntiPope"). It becomes obvious that it's really the other way around.....

Now, there are those Jews that have nothing to do with Zionism, but still, these symbols still lead back to the Vatican, in which is controlling everyones History to this day (Which in Revelations 18 states "Come out of her my people , partake not of her sins..."). The Jews don't really rule the world, but are "handled" by the Vatican Church, and the Vatican has their Orders from the "hidden" forces as well. 

Now, keep in mind that this is not the Jesus who came later, but the one who spoke against the "Prince of this world", and the one who warned people and tried to wake people up of what's really going on (See "Jesus is Muhammed"). And based on this statement comes the hardest part.... If we know that America is really based on the worship of the Dagon worship the whole time, then it should become obvious that the statement "In God we trust", which is embedded on the Dollar Bill, is based on the God of this world. 

This is why the "Pentagon" is called the way it is, because the "Pentagram" symbolism belongs to the Queen of Heaven. So, no matter what, it becomes a fact that the "New World Order" agenda being based from the Vatican Church, connects to the religions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Satanism etc. as all is based on the worship of the God of this world.

Now, let's observe from the Article on the "vision" of Ignatius of Loyola. In "" states this:

"The Autobiography of Saint Ignatius Loyola It was while he was living at the hospital at Manresa that the following strange event took place. Very frequently on a clear moonlight night there appeared in the courtyard before him an indistinct shape which he could not see clearly enough to tell what it was. Yet it appeared so symmetrical and beautiful that his soul was filled with pleasure and joy as he gazed at it. It had something of the form of a serpent with glittering eyes, and yet they were not eyes. He felt an indescribable joy steal over him at the sight of this object. The oftener he saw it, the greater was the consolation he derived from it, and when the vision left him, his soul was filled with sorrow and sadness."

"Up to this period he had remained in a constant state of tranquillity and consolation, without any interior knowledge of the trials that beset the spiritual life. But during the time that the vision lasted, sometimes for days, or a little previous to that time, his soul was violently agitated by a thought that brought him no little uneasiness. There flashed upon his mind the idea of the difficulty that attended the kind of life he had begun, and he felt as if he heard some one whispering to him, "How can you keep up for seventy years of your life these practices which you have begun?"

In the Website "Continuing Counter Reformation" states this: "The founder of the Jesuit Order Inspired by Visions of something with the shape of a serpent! Religious conversion and religious life During his period of convalescence in 1521, Ignatius read a series of religious texts on the life of Jesus and on the lives of the saints; he became fired with an ambition to lead a life of self-denying labour and to emulate the heroic deeds of Francis of Assisi and other great monastics. He resolved to devote himself to the conversion of non-Christians in the Holy Land. Upon his recovery, he visited the Benedictine monastery, Santa Maria de Montserrat (March 25, 1522), where he hung his military garments before an image of the Virgin. He then traveled on foot to the town of Manresa (Catalonia) and spent several months in a cave nearby where he practiced rigorous asceticism."

"Ignatius also began experiencing a series of visions in full daylight while in hospital. These repetitive visions appeared as "a form in the air near him and this form gave him much consolation because it was exceedingly beautiful ... it somehow seemed to have the shape of a serpent and had many things that shone like eyes, but were not eyes. He received much delight and consolation from gazing upon this object ... but when the object vanished he became disconsolate".

"In 1523, he instituted a pilgrimage to the Holy Land on a path of self-denial and sacrifice. He remained there from September 3 to 23 but was not permitted to stay. Twelve years later, standing before the Pope with his companions, he again proposed sending his companions as emissaries to Jerusalem."

Now, based from Carl Yung's interpretation, he states that the serpent with many eyes is the considered Chakra, which is shown amongst Yogis, This may connect to the "spiritual exercises" to which is based on developing the aura or energy around you. This is pretty much what the "force" in Star Wars is based on. Then based from my research, the serpent with many eyes pertains to the encounter of the Peacock angel, thus Melek Taus or Dagon. Based from the "Testament of Amram" details this same description of one of the watchers having a visage like a serpent and having eyes on his cloak. This is basically the Dragon God that came down in the "intervention" story.

Now, based on the "Jews" that everyone talks about. Just to get straight to the point, based from my old chapter I had detail the resemblance of the Jews to the Indian and Chinese people, as there are those that have connections to the Aryans. However, when learning about how Judaism was created by the Vatican, then everything started to make sense as to why they created this religion. This was also stated from Jordan Maxwell as the Jesuits know that Christianity preceeded Judaism, and thus needed to establish a religion as a foundation for the Christian faith.

This is why I had wondered why Benjamin Freedman stated that those people who converted to Judaism are not the real Jews but come from somewhere. Then states that they were "phallic" worshipers indicating that these people may have an origin from India. Though not knowing why they were considered phallic worshipers, Benjamin didn't know that this is in the Bible as Jacob anoints the pillar of God and worships it. This shows that there are some people who are Aryans who converted to Judaism, though many don't know that Judaism is not a B.C. religion, but was established by the Vatican to imitate the real Brahmin religion of India and China.

Judaism was based "for" the European Jews, and thus why Palestine (and countries before it) had become the national area for the Jews. Judaism is mixed with people from the different nations, and though some Hassidics do have the Persian and Indian look, many have intermingled altogether with the different nations and became a part of this newly created religion. When looking up the images of the "Rothschild Family" I have found a painting of Nathan Rothschild as looking mulatto as the nose is shown in a negroid manner. It's shown that the apparent modern Jews are mixed with not just white but black blood as well. I had wondered why most Jewish weddings is Westernized, to even the clothing that Hassidics would wear. Judaism was created as a mock religion to the more ancient Brahmin religion, which is where the true story of the Aryans being led by the God of fire is based on. This is why it's been created to divert the true lands and History of where the Bible is supposed to be based on. And based from Christians stating that God gave Palestine to the Jews, tells me everything I need to know. 

So, when I did my DNA test on Ancestry and 23 and me, one of the nationalities stated "Ashkenazi" and "Lithuanian Jew". But upon looking at where they originate, the Lithuanian Jewish doesn't go to Israel in Palestine, but to Lithuania, meaning that these people would just be Lithuanians who probably converted to Judaism. The same was said for Ashkenazi Jews as they go back to Europe, to which shows that they many of them are Europeans, while others are basically Middle Eastern and Indian looking. Jordan maxwell had detailed some information on the Jewish connection to the German, however, based from the Biblical perspective details the "evil figs" which were cast out, meaning that those are the Jews that are evil compared to the good figs that are good.

So with that said, if Judaism was created by the Vatican, then why is 23 and me, Ancestry and other DNA companies saying these people are Jews, when there was no such thing in the first place? Some theories state that they are Turkic Mongolian people, and yet, they still go back to Europe. Then within that statement, it's known that the Mongolians and other East Modern Asians were never there in those lands to begin with as they were Nomadic from the beginning. Perhaps, they came from the region of Eastern Europe as one of the theories, as relating to the Scythians and other tribes? So, what's going on with these Dna companies? If they can find that you came from a certain tribe in Africa, and yet, can't find what Native tribe in America you came from.  

It's noted that since the religion of Judaism was created to parallel the Brahmin religion, then they did a good job to further divert the people into thinking that this is what God's people and the bible is based on. Hence, when Credo Mutwa had stated in his book "Africa's hidden History", on the Chitauri having "their" children to rule over everyone, it seems that when looking at the original rulers from Europe, to Asia and the Americas, I find that these apparent "rulers" were black people. It's not these European Monarchs to which have these symbols of Dagon, but are merely put up by the "will" of the Gods. These Conspiracies on "the 13 families", to the Illuminati's origin starting from the Merovingian, is only to get Europeans thinking that it was all from them when that isn't the case. Based from the book of Daniel details God having the Chaldeans to rule Babylon, and that it was going to be divided amongst the new nations. This term "babylon" is not that land that these Historians keep saying are the Assyrians, but is merely the system that came from the Black royalties and their insignias. Based from the "black stone", the Cross worship, to the pillar symbolism all leads back to the Gods of the black nations. This is why the religion of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and others still goes back to worship of the same Gods.

Now, here is a compilation of important information based from the Book by J. A. Rogers called "Nature Knows No Color-Line". This book was banned in America due to revealing the truth about the original establishments of Politics, religion and how the black race had contributed so much to society that it's important for the reader understand this circumstances based on race. I will write down hefty sets of information as this book does detail pretty much everything that I have wrote down, but with this Author's research and perspective.

Now, based from this book, a relative had found it at a shop that sells rare items that are not on the mainstream market, but based from this actually details the black ancestry of many (now whitened) Royalties of Europe, but also how this further proves that the cover-ups based on this subject alone.

In the Chapter "Where did the color problem originate? And Why?. Here he goes through mentions of finding the root (or roots) of the prejudice shown throughout History. Since reading this first chapter I wanted to reveal what he states on the Aryan invasion to India. "The first recorded instance of color prejudice I have been able to find is in India of some five thousand years ago when the Aryas or Aryans, invaded the valley of the Indus and found there a black people- the Dasysus. In any case we find very clear evidence of it in Aryan writings. In the Rig Veda (Book9 Hymn 42:1) Indra, their national God, is depicted as "blowing away with supernatural might from earth and from the heavens the black skin which Indra hates." The black were called "Anasahs" (noseless people). Book 5 Hymn 29:10, tells how Indra "slew the flat-nosed barbarians."

"India's caste system was based on color. The word varna (caste) literally means "color". Arya Varna (white skin); Krishna varna (black skin). "The Aryans of India", says the Encyclopedia of religion and Ethics, "prided themselves on their fairer skins and more aquiline features and held in derision the black color and flatter physiognomies of the aborigines, regarded them much as conquering whites regared blacks in Africa."

This is where the Aryan invasion is based on as the God of fire, leads the people into the lands of India and China to overthrow the original inhabitants of those lands, namely the black skinned and flat nosed races living there. This is where things get interesting based from J. A. Rogers' book just as I had stated on the "emnity" between the Garuda and the Naga, is based on this feature alone, as the story states of one God's battles against the other God. This shows further that the original symbolism of the Aryans and before the intermingling and changes to much of their features, were depicted as having sharp features like that of the bird, hence the Garuda, whereas the dragon god or Naga would be refered to the black nations for their apparent negroid features. Interesting enough, here states that they are referenced as "Krishna varna", which in obvious terms Krishna is a black God by origin and is based on "Christ".

A little excerpt details this segment: 2) The Aborigines were not the Barbarians Aryan legends say they were. These blacks, now known as "Dravidians", had a mighty civilization of their own. From them came the Buddhas, James Bird (Historical Researches on the Origin of the Buddhas) says, "Buddhist of a black complexion are common in the Fresco paintings of Ajunta and that of the Arishtanemi, or race of Vishnu, who is the twenty second Jain saint is described as of a black complexion on the authority of the Hemachandras vocabulary".

As stated, there are large amount of factors connecting Krishna, Vishnu and the Black Buddha together, even before the start of the Aryans changing that part of the History. Here he does mention with this note, Godfrey Higgin's "The Anacalypsis" and the origin of Christianity from Buddhism.

He does mention this interesting segment from Gerald Massey's works. "The next evidence of it I have been able to find is in Ancient Egytp. Herald Massey, perhaps the greatest of all authoriest on Ancient Egyptian Lore, said "On the monument the dark people are commonly called "the evil race of Kush", but when the Ethiopian element dominates the dark people retort by calling the light complexions, the pale, degraded race of Arvad." (4) But this prejudice of fair for dark and the converse was, it is safe to say, never nearly as strong as in India. The whites did not come in any considerable number of Egypt until the Ptolemaic invasion of the third century B.C., by which time intermixture had already taken too firm a root for any aprecciable degree of color prejudice, as I shall show later..."

It's noted that based from the intermingling over the century, it's no wonder the people got mixed and their features would be hard to verify what type of race it closely represents. Joel A. Rogers details how the black haired Europeans would have black ancestry, thus showing the result through intermarriage and how many of the offsprings has been indentified as white. Below is "Nathan Rothschild" and Queen "Sophia Charlotte", as stated to be Queen Victoria's Grandmother. I question Nathan Rothschild's "snubbed" nose to this extent....

Based from Chapter "Negro Ancestry in the White race" pg 130 in "Nature Knows no Color line" by J. A. Rogers."Karl Marx, who bore a strong resemblance to Frederick Douglass, undoubtedlycame of this Negroid stock. His nose wasbroad, his hair frizzly and his color so dark he was called "The Moor". (37) "Negro strain was even more evident in Ferdinand Lassalle, Aristocratic founder of Socialism. Marx, his rival, called him "a jewish nigger, a greasy jew from Breslau who was always concealing his wooly hair with all kinds of hair-oil and make-up." In a letter to Engels, March 7 1865, he said of Lasalle, "It is perfectly obvious from teh shape of his head and the way his hair grows that he is descended from Negroes...."

In another segment details this in the same chapter pg 131: "In short, Germans are not the "pure" whites many assert they are. Several German writers agree on that among them Frederick Hertz, Brunold Springer and Rudolf Rocker, Beethoven, for instance, is named by all three as showing Negro blood....." "Rocker includes Martin Luther and Goethe. He says, "We need but think of Luther, Goethe, Beethoven, who lacked almost completely the external marks of the "Nordic" race and whom even the most outstanding exponents of the race theory characterize as hybrids with Oriental, Levantese and Negro Malayan srains in them."

"German women, (who from what I've seen and read of them, are very fond of colored men). Welcomed American Negro soldiers with open arms in 1945. Mrs Alice B. Shaw, U.S. Army Club driector, who was stationed in Bremen and in Bavaria, said (Pittsburg Courier July 6 1947) "I have been in Italy and France and have seen the success of the colored soldier (with women) but never in my life have I seen women trail our boys as the Germans....the French and Italians showed a little reserve butnot the Germans. William Gardner Smith in his novel "Last of the Conquerors" has given an account of the German and the Negro soldiers in the second world war that is almost documentary..."

"..The Reich, he says, can no loner be looked upon "as a white country. Throughout our lifetime and long after there will be colored people in Germany." The first World War, as was said, brought thousands of mulatto children, offspring of Senegalese and white women, especially in the Rhineland. I have seen a number of German mulattoes, offspring of the Negro soldiers in both these wars. The Nazis once had an exhibit of pictures of them at Dusseldorf."

This book is very compelling for through pictures and History it's no wonder this book was banned in America. There is the Venus statue that is depicted as a black woman sculpted by Alessandro Vittoria, to even the adoration to the black nations. In the book does detail that there were slaves amongst the blacks and the whites, but then other sections detail how much intermingling was going on and how it has reached the Royalties then and today. The Chapter "Mixtures of whites and blacks in Greece, Turkey, Italy and Central Europe" does go into this section on Turkish Sultans having advisors and Confidante as blacks. There are tons of sections dealing with coat of Arms all depicting the black people and their origins.

The most notable aspect of the book was about Queen Charlotte Sophia, Consort of George 3, and grandmother of Queen Victoria. In the picture that is shown in the book (look up the picture of Charlotte Sophia) she is depicted as mulatto in some of the paintings while others are shown that her nose is straightened to look more European. It's labeled "An Ancestress of George the 6th of England". The Chapter "Intermixture of whites and blacks in Rome" details further evidence of not just white Roman citizens but also the presence of black Roman citizens in Rome. The double headed bird is also shown as one of the symbols of the Black Moors, thus connecting to Vishnu's "gandaberunda" or double headed peacock symbolism.

I find this to be an impressive book altogether as it further solidifies the notion of what had occured in History. Based from J. A. Rogers' works he states that the Jews were depicted as black or dark skinned. This is very important to note that the term "Jew" or "Israelite" has nothing to do with Aryans that invaded, but is based on most likely what Jordan Maxwell had stated on the "Druids", to which connecting to Godfrey Higgins "The Anacalypsis" details that the Buddhist were the Druids and they were described as negroid in appearance. The people dubbed the Aryans were never called by those terms, and is shown that the fake history being derived from the European and modern Jewry standpoint holds no water. Then based from the Rig Vedic stand point the God that is deemed Indra (Agni) is really Michael the Archangel that defeated Vritra the Asura as the story states.

This brings a ton of leverage when regarding the religion of Judaism and the lands of Israel rendered as null and void. It's shown that the same Gods that were stated in the Bible, as Baal and Ashoreth were depicted as black skinned, along with Krishna the black God and the Shiva lingam. It's shown in Deuteronomy that the God of fire told the people to destroy the pillars and groves, as this is based on Dagon worship and the Queen of Heaven who are depicted as black skinned.

So, with all this further proves how the rulership and cultural influence from the black nations has stemmed from India, China, to Europe and America, and is without a doubt a massive influence over everyone's lives. This is where the Bible details the worship of the Goddess Diana or Artemis and the black stone in Ephesus, which is really Mecca. And the invasion of the Israelites in the Bible is merely the story of the Aryans battling the different nations in India and China all being led by the God of fire. Everything has been changed to hide the real truth, and that is by covering up the History of the black Civilizations that ruled and had their presence all over the world.

Now, a little detail on the name changes in the Bible like "Assyria", "Babylon" and "Tyrus" to name a few. Many Christians would state that Isaiah 14:12 details the fall of Lucifer and thus connects to the King of Tyrus in Ezekiel 28. Isaiah 14 details Babylon, while Ezekiel details Tyrus as a nation. Many would state that due to the pride of this being (namely the King of Tyrus and the Prince of Tyrus) that would have to be Lucifer the fallen Angel, however, in Ezekiel 31 details the Kingdom of Assyria to being greater than all of the trees of the field in the Garden of Eden, and was abundant until pride and iniquity was found to which God cuts him off. This details that the nations are referenced as "trees" in the Garden of Eden and Assyria was described as an ancient nation that existed until its destruction. The names of these nations have been changed to this extent, so I wouldn't rely on the European perspective of History since they had changed everyone's history, including their own. It's weird to worship the very Gods that are being covered up, which is where the origin of Christianity is based on. In order to hide the truth of the Aryan tribes and their God, the history of the black nations must be changed as well. But even the Aryans had changed their own History to which in the Bible states it to be true. They changed their original laws and started to mix everything with the worship of Baal in the land, which is why many of those people are Buddhist and Hindu, then to those that have become Christian, Muslim and even the modern Judaism. It's apparent that everything still goes back to Mystery Babylon. 

Now, it's shown that the same Gods that were stated in the Bible as Baal and Ashoreth were depicted as black skinned, along with Krishna the black God and the Shiva lingam. It's also shown in Deuteronomy that the God of fire told the people to destroy the pillars and groves, as this is based on Dagon worship and the Queen of Heaven who are depicted as black skinned. This further proves that the rulership and cultural influence from the black nations has stemmed from India, China, to Europe and America, and is without a doubt a massive influence over everyone's lives.This is where the Bible details the worship of the Goddess Diana or Artemis and the black stone in Ephesus, which is really Mecca. And the invasion of the Israelites in the Bible is merely the story of the Aryans battling the different nations in India and China all being led by the God of fire.

Anyway, the real truth is known from what's being covered up in WW2 stories as there is a ton of information on Jews stating that the people weren't killed off by the Germans. There are sources revealing that the Germans and the Jews are one and the same, and that the Yiddish language is merely a certain dialect of the German language. However, based from looking at the features, it's also shown that many of todays Jews do have black in them, and as well the European and Asian ancestry. Based from studying Adolf Hitler, it's shown that when he sent people to Tibet he wanted to know the origin of the Aryan people. This is why they were studying facial features of the Tibetans because they know they are the Aryans, and that their ancestors arrived there with their God. It's stated that during WW2 the Navajo and other tribes had signed a petition to not use the Swastika symbol....

Then based on the "Aryan blue eye and blonde hair" ideology shows that this was concocted by the Americans and the Media, because based from Jordan's research, reveals that the Federal Reserve bank had connections to the Nazi party and that they supported them with money. This also was stated from Benjamin Freedman, on how those certain Jews were supporters of Adolf Hitler till Hitler didn't want anything to do with them. Then this is when they started to make him the apparent bad guy in History. Just as Benjamin Freedman stated, the Germans didn't touch the Jews. Based from Maxwell's research, he states that Germany was broke after WW1, so how did they get the money and rise up all of a sudden? The money was coming from America, which is the Federal Reserve bank. There were Jews that spoke up about this situation during WW2, and stated that they were taken care of by the Nazis, and how they played instruments and played Soccer with the Germans, but you won't find that information on Youtube anymore. Back in 2016 and 2017, I had seen a purge happening on Youtube, as videos based on the truth about the Holocaust was being wiped away clean. Then these Holocaust survivors were detailing how they were punished by the Nazis in some interviews, while others state that never happened. How did the German Nazis get clearance to become Scientist working for the Americans in America? And possibly the Russians and English?

Again, people never address if Adolf Hitler was about keeping the race pure, then why did he team up with Japan and Italy? You know Italy is not really what people would call a pure white blonde and blue eyed country, and neither Japan. That's because the American Media made that whole story up. This is why I doubt that Hitler had wrote "Mein Kampf" as this is based on race purity and such. He never had blonde hair to begin with, and based from his Generals and soldiers, shows that many have "brown eyes" and brown or black hair. So, that's thrown out the window.

(There is a Youtube Channel called "Spirit of the Steppe", in which details the Turkic-Mongolian tribes, their history, their songs, and their connections to the different parts of the world. I find this Youtuber had did a good job detailing the Cultural music connections, and breaking down some of the myths that are told by the Historians of today. There is a video called "Origins of German and Oghur Kurghan and Sumerian links", to which this video is an eye opener)

So, when finding the truth about Judaism and how much it was concocted as the "Chosen people", it's shown that they were chosen by the Vatican Church to lead the way for Christianity and Islam. This is why the Zionist was created and the Christians are part of this plan based on the "Judeo-Christian" values when the whole thing was made up to begin with. Anyway, before I conclude, these pictures will show that these Politicians have some kind of Oriental features, which is why studying people's features are important. This shows that based from what the Media states on blue haired Aryans is a load of B.S.

Now, based on learning about the cult of Dagon, it's noted that the culture of this God is embedded in everyone's lives. When people get married, it would most likely be at a Church. When people die and get buried, it would most likely be at a Church Funeral and be buried with a Cross above. Even when a person in the line of duty passes, it would most likely be a Cross above where the person is buried. Then if not the Cross, then a stone slabbed would be shown instead. The monolith that is shown is based on the pillar that Jacob had made, for when his wife Rachel had passed he puts a stone pillar on her grave. 

Now, I definitely respect the Military positions as they go through different means of protecting the Country. Even I, at one point wanted to go to the Army and perhaps be an Army ranger, but that wasn't my path to take. The more I started to find that no matter what President is "selected" as a figure head, I see that the Military will serve them no matter what the circumstances. Now, even though President Biden and the Democrats will do what they do, there will be no uprising from the Military as they always are told what to do it seems.

Now, even though the former President Donald Trump had made statements on the Media to being fake news and such, I can agree with those factors, and do like certain things that he had to say. However, when looking further in the background on the people that he is with, it's shown that the Zionist Organization are with him 24/7. It's like no matter what President's party is from, whether Republican or Democrat, they all go to "C-Pac" convention that is hosted for Israel by the Christian Zionist organizations, to meeting the Royalties of England, meeting the Pope in the Vatican, and visting Israel. This shows that when these people are selected, there is a routine run to meet their "higher ups" sort of speak. 

So, even though America has certain great aspects for the people of this country, however, in the long run, the more you start to see the truth about how America is run by these Criminal organizations, then you will never see it the sameway. It's apparent that when Jordan Maxwell had detail how the Justice system is run by Criminal organizations, I began to see that he was right. There is Justice to a certain extent, but for the higher ups that are doing such acts in the name of "God", shows that we cannot do anything about it. People can turn a blind eye to these things because of religious matters involved for Isreal and such, but I find that no one isn't going to do anything about it.

I had wonder why the Christians don't protest against the Government if knowing what's going on. This where the term "Protestant" is based on, as the people had rebelled against the Roman Catholic Church during Martin Luther's era. Based from learning about this Documentary on "King James Bible: God's perfect word", they show in the end of the video all the denominations bowing down to the Pope, and as shown, the Vatican controls this country. This is where all these Officials go to these Universities and Colleges that are run by the Jesuits to the brim. They control History, the people's Educational systems, to even Presidents as they all have to meet the Pope. They even run the Protestant Christian Universities, and make people to be "licensed" Preachers? It's no wonder everyone says the same thing, as this shows that nothing has changed. So, even though many Christians can know the truth, but no one can do anything about it.

I have heard by most Christians state that these people won't rule for long because Jesus will be coming back. Well, based from understanding the symbolism of the world, I find that wouldn't be true at all. It seems that People have been told this as a form of "procastination", while the hidden forces can run the world and do what they do. After understanding the true origin of Christianity,  and how History has been changed to hide the origin, I would have to say that the world isn't what people think, but many will deny and go into the state of cognitive dissonance, and remain in this "attachment" as the only way to cope with what's going on.

Many will state that prayer is the only way and "believing" Jesus will come back, meanwhile the Governments "know" whats going on, to understanding how these entities brought the religions to the world. The Governments don't "believe" that you are doing this, they want to "know" what your'e doing and what's going on. This is why whatever beings or entities that the different facilities like "Area 51" or "Groom lake" and others, all know the truth because it's not out of belief but "knowing". They have background checks embedded in their systems and such, and know through social security. When Maxwell stated that we are are worth around 6 million to the stock exchange, then this is probably why Insurance is always involved, for the longer you are alive the more you are worth to this system.

Many people have been fooled thinking that land that's been established is the land of Israel and God or Jesus has ordained it. Well, think again! Many Christians (and not all) keep thinking that this is the true land based from the Bible stating it to be so. Now, personally I have went to Israel and had a good time there, but I already know that isn't the true land the Bible is stating. Like I stated before, that whoever wrote the Bible had coded it in such a way that if you didn't know certain practices in Hinduism, then you won't know that this is talking about the people of India and China. Nor will people understand that Bible actually speaks against this religion, as the Christian religion is the cult of Dagon and how it's in everybody's lives to this day, but that is based on the individual's intentions, and to understand what's truly going on in this world.

Now, when listening to one of Jordan Maxwell's talks on the system of America, he had mentioned something about "Black's law" and something in this book pertaining to how blacks are not considered Americans in the eyes of whites. Was a long time since I had listened to this segment on this podcast, but I wasn't aware about this segment. However, others had debunked his claims on such matters that this pertains to black people, but a man called "Henry Campbell Black". Anyway, I didn't get into this section of his talks, but also came across another segment of Jordan maxwell detailing about Saturn worship and the United States and Vatican connection. In this lecture he mentions something strange, like he states that he doesn't believe that black people had built these structures and such, and that this is the "white man's world". He stated that the white people have been running things and that they put out certain information to make blacks look like "shmucks". 

Anyway, I had thought why would he make this statement out of the blue, especially when he was detailing the Saturnian connections of America and the Vatican. Then in another video called "Gnostic Warrior #13: Angels, demons and Aliens", he mentions how there is some kind of race that brought the culture to the world, and believes that they are not human by origin. Here he mentions Gerald Massey's books to "The Anacalypsis" by Godfrey Higgins. If he had mentioned Higgins works and made vague statements on some kind of Extraterrestrial race living here on Earth, then he has to know the full story. It seems that even though Jordan would talk about Saturn, the Vatican and the American system, to Reptilians and such, he doesn't mention again about what he read in Godfrey Higgins works, thus coming to the same conclusion that these Gods came from the culture of the black nations.

I had seen pictures in a Medieval book detailing monsters and Christian art, and one painting was shown Jesus having "red hair" and being whipped by both white Roman and black Roman soldiers. Already knowing the origin of these Gods, also tells me that there were black people in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America. Then based from certain Native American stories details the coming of white and black Spaniards in ships and how they began to battle the Indians. This is the part of History that is not being told, because after learning where these Gods came from along with this Atlantean culture, it's shown that History is covering up where it originated from.

So, based from learning about the Occult, it's shown that world History is bullshit. It seems that Jordan Maxwell didn't want to reveal that it was the black nations that brought the "Cult of Dagon", and how this culture was worshiped all over the world. Before Prince had died, he stated in a talk show that there were eight Presidents before George Washington, and that they were black. Others had stated that there were eight Presidents, but they didn't last as long as four years in total. It seems that in today's History, people are told that black people were always slaves in America and elsewhere, just to bring this ideology to people. People are told that they didn't build anything for thousands of years until the Europeans and other hominids came into the picture. This was one of the things told about the Dogon tribe, that instead of the Aliens teaching the people, that it was some white European Scholar who taught them about Sirius. Things have been thrown upside down from the world maps, to the History of Christianity and Judaism, to even the world. It's important to do your research and learn why History is being rewritten for this reason..