The Red Pill

I can safely say that when you take the red pill it is the esoteric state of coming out of the matrix like the “Matrix” movie. (coming out of a coma of deception) From the history of the Federal reserve starting as a private bank; which is unconstitutionally making money out of inflation and plummeting the country into a national debt. To the false narratives given by the CIA through the media called “Operation Mockingbird” which is to control what we hear and what we see on television, are only some of the examples.

Then there are the religious organizations of course. Which consist of any cult that has a narrative or movement to either sway you to their beliefs towards their version of what is truth. The bible is the number one selling book that is supposed to be written on the history of the Jewish god and the beginnings of Christianity and Islam.

Then, amongst the three religions they are split into smaller sects with their own given ideology and at times extremist views. So why is it that within these religions; if it’s based on one God, they all would have different views from these religions? Did God decide to make another religion because it just wasn’t good enough? And I know it comes from the minds of men even though at some point originally intended to be divine. But what if the Bible is not based on any of these three religions while the original is being covered up and deemed demonic? What if the bible is not based on the middle east at all but about the people going towards India and China? And that the names have been changed to the lands of the Middle East but the description has nothing to do with the land at all. Of course, there are many things out there that you can search for yourself, like about how history is fabricated to get us into an illusive state of mind. And yet, these lies are still being pushed into the schools to the “educational systems” we have now. Can you call that a spell or the matrix? 

The term “religion” is a very interesting word when you look it up in the dictionary. It states “An organization of certain observances or strict devotion, a considered discipline along with habits of the cults.”

But what’s also interesting is the Latin translation called “religare” which is to fasten, to tie or to bind. So, being bound to a cult, a religion or setting your mind in a method by others? Can that be called mind control? One can view it to be a strict disciplined way to keep you on a straight path (keeping yourself from evil) or you can see it as a yoke of bondage in which your mind stays in a recycled limited state.

So, what would be the best way to go about this? Is it alright to be in religion? That is up to the person, but I would say it’s better to use your logic and understanding in what you do than to not having any understanding at all. (psalms 111:10 as it refers to the commandments) Most people are steered to religion based on the emotional factor of fear and that if you don’t believe in their way then you will go straight to hell.

Then you have those who love God with a passion and want to have eternal life. And that can be a double edge sword because of people’s sincerity to what they do and worship. But again, we can’t say everyone is like this without a good sense judgement. Even Jesus said “you will know a good tree by their good fruit and an evil tree by their evil fruit.” Everyone is tree who bears fruits of ripeness or rotten.

Now when I was in Sufism years ago, I started to do two salats (which are prayers) or sometimes all the prayers at the end of the day. A Muslim woman told me about the importance of praying five times a day from getting the blessings, to going to paradise and why it was ordained by the Prophet Muhammed from God to do so. I mean, I already knew why it was important, but what I began to understand is that well If Allah is the most merciful and ever forgiving (and we start our prayers this way called Al Fatiha) and knows our intentions, could you just love The Creator from the heart without praying the same lines repeatedly? Matthew 6:7 “But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions…” In fact, from my sheikh’s book he said you can even pray two times a day, it’s not a matter of how many prayers you do, but it’s based on your intentions to God. A person can think of any desirable thing and say their prayer with no intentions to God, no matter how many prayers a person does. I would know this, because I’ve also done this many times myself. It’s good to pray no doubt, but I think people are missing the point about what’s in the heart. I can do work while doing dhikr (mantra or chant) in my mind and praise The Creator and express my unconditional love towards people by helping them. If the amount of prayers or accepting Jesus is to get to heaven and to live in eternity, then are we just taking advantage of The Creator and not doing what He wants us to do?

I know from the many beliefs systems; one man’s god is another man’s devil. And from understanding on both sides of Christianity and Islam, one tends to say that they are worshiping something else. And people can base things on history of course, through the wars against each other and by observing the extremist views of the other. I’ve seen it all and been there from the different sides. Even if people were to say nowadays “we serve the same God” I think it’s a lot more than that judging from my studies. I think most people don’t know who they are worshiping exactly and the Jesuits know this. Again, one declares the true god and the other the devil based upon the supposed historical facts.

However, even history is unfair due to the oppositions apparent attitudes based on propaganda. The infamous quote of “The victor is the one who writes the history” says it all. Even when people read a scripture of the Bible or the Quran they can say, well it’s like this and no it’s like that. The words can have different meanings and therefore is up to the translators to choose the most appropriate definitions or words. So, we can see how that can confuse people when they want to understand the true meaning, which is something like finding a needle in a haystack. 


Alex Bohls

30.01.2020 20:55

Danny DeVito approves!