To understand the bible, I needed to understand Hinduism all through the guidance of The Creator, because there is a lot of false information out there and at times can be overwhelming. But once you are “guided” only then can you finally “see” what you couldn’t see prior.

Now from understanding Hinduism I find it has been misrepresented like all religions, or cultures etc. But before I can get to the connections, I feel I should share a little bit of the bible. The bible is a locked book to many, but an opened book to the few, for it is coded in a way that your perspective and my perspective can be seen differently based upon the different levels of understanding. It’s like Jesus giving a parable to the whole congregation but at the same time the public people will know the exoteric knowledge, while the initiated (who are the disciples) will know the esoteric understanding. Yes, the initiated can learn these things because they understand the hidden or occult meaning behind the parable.

So, like Jesus said “many are called but few are chosen” is very true. The word esoteric just means “hidden” or “secret” for the small number or group, while the word exoteric just means knowledge for the public people to know. And then there is the word “Illuminati” which means “enlightened” to illuminate or to shine forth. To give light in the way of truth for the ones coming out the darkness of ignorance. So, much like myself I can relate to this by understanding and coming out of the constraints of my previous religious thinking.

Now originally the group called the Illuminati was about teaching people the truth by coming out of the suppression of the Roman Catholic Church. But when I talk about the Roman Catholicism, I’m not talking about the regular Catholic people, for the people can be loving and good hearted. It’s the way the system of the Church is designed to control the Schools, banks, politicians, religions and pretty much the whole world. The black Pope is said to be the real power behind the Roman Catholic movement while the white Pope is placed as a figure head. It maybe be a preposterous claim, but I can tell you that even the Islamic universities are very well being funded by the Catholic Church and that should tell you something. The black Pope leads the Jesuits, who are called the secret army of the Catholic Church who went all over the world changing people’s history, language and ways of life only to achieve a certain agenda. (That’s going to be discussed in another chapter)

Nowadays if you were to look up the word “Illuminati” we tend to see celebrities posing in triangle pyramids in deceptive entertainment, as well as ingraining in our minds by calling them the “Illuminati Hollywood.” But by observing Hollywood, I find it to be quite the opposite as people say. The word Illuminati doesn’t fit their protocol, because they tend to deal with darkness and witchcraft. So how can they be called Illuminati when it’s meaning is about the light and not the dark?

So again, the word Illuminati has been misused to mean something sinister. But as the group called the Illuminati became infiltrated, they lost their originality and came to be the arm of the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, many people don’t know that America never used to allow Catholicism into this country until possibly the 1800s, because it was to be a country of puritans and Anglo Saxon Christians seeking to find the truth with the bible. They were trying to get away from the Roman Catholic Church in those days after the protestant reformation movement. There is an interesting documentary called “The history of the King James bible: God’s perfect word.” And in this documentary, tells of the infiltration of the Christian churches in America and how the Jesuits made the other versions of the bible to sort of discredit the 1611 from King James. First was William Tindal who translated the scripts from Greek to English for the new testament in which he was executed by the Church, hence for this treason. Then I also began to understand why King James received so much negativity from some rumors in history. The Church did not want the translation of the bible to be made so they came up with their own versions to keep the people in the dark. So many people tried to seek the truth in the bible and were just coming out of the darkness, only to get infiltrated and distorted with the doctrines of the Church again. There are such things as the Protestant arm of the Roman Catholic Church linking to the Jesuits and the FreeMasons who apparently founded the country.

Then there is the word Lucifer. Who or what is Lucifer really about? I know that amongst the popular belief, it is supposed to be the name for the prince of darkness. But is it true? Or has the word Lucifer also been misrepresented as a taboo? It’s weird that the prince of darkness has always been represented with the name Lucifer when the word actually means “light bearer” or the planet Venus if you look it up. So how is it that words like the devil, Lucifer, and Satan just get suddenly mashed up together? 

Now the word Lucifer seems to be ingrained in today’s society as the alternate name of the devil that fell from heaven. And as many Christians will state in Isaiah chapter 14 verse 12 of “how Lucifer fell from heaven,” the mighty fallen angel who battled God’s angels and was cast out. But does it really say that he’s an angel? In Isaiah 14:16 says that Lucifer is not an angel but a man, even stating a representation of a nation called Babylon. The devils’ fall as an angel (or Cherub) tends to also be used by Preachers to described what occurred in Ezekiel 28:12-15. However, in Ezekiel 28:16 states “…by the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled thee with violence…” and verse 5 “…and thy heart is lifted up because of thy riches” indicating this being to be a man (King of Tyrus) who loves money and not a celestial being. The apparent word Satan just means adversary or your enemy. “Your adversary the devil walks about seeking whom he may devour” a very popular line indeed.

Also, it can be more of a title than a name and can fit to anybody as an enemy or therefore a "Satan". But what is the name of this angel? Or man? The word devil can be rephrased “do evil” or “evil doer” or backwards “lived” depending how people see it. Also, one can call another person a devil because of their cleverness or cruel demeanor. Even the word God can be “dog” backwards as well as any male counterpart to the female deity goddess. And when you translate the word God to Spanish its Dios, to Deus which sounds like the Greek god Zeus.

Then the Sanskrit Dyeus pater which means “sky father” to the Devas who are the gods are called the “shining ones” among Hinduism. Then amongst the Zoroastrians, it is considered the Daevas who represents the demons or the rejected gods. The word demon is also represented as a negative being or evil entity in one meaning, but also a person who’s full of energy and vibrant as well as one who is knowledgeable. Now this is not to say that evil spirits don’t exist, but it’s the power of words along with the energy behind it. The Arabic word for God which is Allah is also a controversial subject among the Christians because of history equating it to Hubal the moon god. But like God, Allah also means God, but doesn’t specify which god you’re talking about. The same can go for Allat for it just means goddess.

Another good example is the word “citizen” which means “a denizen or inhabitant of a city, state or country”. Then breaking down the word cite which is to appear to a “church court” when you are given a citation. Then you must appear on court on a mandatory time, therefore the duty of the citizen. So, in a way words can have a meaning under another meaning.

Another example that most Americans can relate to is how the United States government are treating people by mixing the truth with lies through the media, the poisoning of the food industry and the corporate greed of drugs from the pharmaceutical depts. So, they in turn are only given the exoteric knowledge to the people which is a somewhat a “need to know” information. This should tell us clearly that even the governments are not for the people to begin with. Even the word government is to “govern the mind” or to control the minds of the mass population. Now this can be a double edge sword because in a way you don’t want the enemy to know what you’re all about and yet keeping the masses of the public in the dark about what’s going to occur. Hence, nothing is new under the sun. 

Now at the same time I find that there are people who unfortunately don’t care about what’s going on or are like brick walls who cannot be penetrated by words of understanding. It’s like you cannot save everybody even if you try. But even Jesus states “you cannot cast your pearls to swine, otherwise they will trample upon it”, and this is true as well. If you were to tell a person certain information that was not meant for them, then you are wasting your time with them.

Now even the enemy will want the information from you and so, you do need to be careful. Did not Jesus say “be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves”? We cannot be gullible as to give information to the enemy otherwise they will know your plan. But that is up to the individual to search within him or herself based on their intentions. Jesus states “seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you”. Was Jesus the first Illuminati by speaking these parables? So, like God taking Abraham out from his people because of his intentions towards God, is the same way how anyone can come out of darkness. The Creator will guide a person if he or she wants to be wants to be on the path of guidance, but again, that’s up to the individual.

Basically, learning the esoteric knowledge is a bit of a step by step process, as you don’t drink the whole bottle of wine at once, but only take sips at a time. That is why when I read about Jesus and what he’s truly saying, he speaks of wisdom and of the true Creator as well as against those scribes and Pharisees who have kept the people in a state of darkness with their traditions. In fact, in Matthew 23:13 Jesus speaks against the scribes and Pharisees for shutting up the kingdom of heaven from men because if they are not able to understand it or go in then neither the common folk. (This is just like the Garden of Eden reference which I will show in the later chapter)

Again, in Matthew 16:6 tells of Jesus saying “take heed and beware the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees” (Because they are full of hot air). I mean this is what the real Jesus was really all about, he wasn’t about pampering to the world, but piercing the darkness with the light of truth and revealing what’s going on. He said Matthew 10:34 “Think not that I came to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace but a sword”. Now if he said this; and I know the bible is an imperfect book based on how it’s written, but if he said this then this is a not man who came with flowers but a sword. Even John the Baptist said about Jesus coming with a fan in his hand who will purge his floor and gather the wheat into the garner and burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire and this is in Matthew 3:12. So he came with a “Fan” in his hand? He also stated “I did not come to change the law, but to fulfill it” in Matthew 5:17.

Now this verse alone should tell you that If Jesus came to fulfill of what is not being done, then clearly those people were not following the laws of The Creator at all. If anyone were to kill a person, steal, or bear false witness against a person etc. then that person is a transgressor. To transgress is to be an oppressor and a tyrant because you want to rule over that person or commit evils against that person’s right. Everyone has the right to live and to be free living in a harmonious state of mind. But when you break the law then the law of karma comes back to you, and this is why when you go back; you do the good deeds unto others then you will be rewarded with those deeds right back to you. Then this is what the term “sin” is really all about. If people don’t believe it then they don’t need to for its their choice and their view point; but from my own experience I’ve done things and seen things come back to me whether good or bad. Remember everything starts within and is express outwardly good or bad. 

For the Christians, Jesus stated “if you love me then you would do my commandments” in John 14:15. He’s trying to tell the people it’s all about doing the commandments of God to live in harmony with yourself as with others, for everything starts within. Well, what is the wisdom behind following the commandments? Psalms 111:10 “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do His commandments: His praise endureth forever”. And from this there is a reason why “understanding” the law of The Creator is important.

Now I find water to be a marvelous element just from observing through the lens of science. They constantly study and examine the complexities and vibrations of water. Did you know that the molecules of water are designed to receive the vibrations of your surroundings whether through speech, thought or sound? So, like a beacon it receives the energy based upon what’s behind the intentions of the vibration within, which makes the molecules change dramatically. If you were to play classical music as an example, then freeze the water and observe it through any microscopic technology, you will see how the energy of the music changes the molecules to the beautiful designs of stars and shapes.

Then the same goes for a negative sound being played to the water and you do the same method and you will see how distorted and ugly the molecules have become based upon the energy behind the music.

So, if water is everywhere and can be affected by changing the molecules through vibration, then the same can apply to human beings and all creatures of life. For we are around 70 to 80 % water, and we go through the everyday life being affected by either the positive energy or negative energy based upon how we receive and give. Then you can kind of grasp as to why in the second commandment it states to “love your neighbor as you love yourself” again, it goes back to the science of self. My late Sufi teacher would say “you must know yourself before you know The Creator” and then you will begin to understand how The Creator works.

Even the word “word” as you put an s in front of it, then becomes “sword.” Our words are like swords and do matter and affect every aspect of our lives because there is vibration and energy behind our words. So, whether negative or positive, just know it is based upon what’s within. John 7:38 states” He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” Well it’s not literal waters but words of positivity and truth from the soul; these are the words that pierces the darkness which is the light.

Your words as well can be in the form of seeds as we are like trees that either bear good fruit or bad fruit. So, if a person tells you something negative about yourself should you accept it? No, for you know yourself better than that person who tries to speak negative words (swords, seeds of doubt) into your life. Therefore, you have the right to counter it with your positivity and to not accept those words. Again, based on water molecules inside you will be affected and go into effect. Now, if you were to accept the negative seeds of the word, then you become what you accepted based from that word, which in effect starts to grow inside of you. Jesus constantly said “he that believeth me” means you are following what he’s teaching, which is the two greatest commandments, and why it is essential to “understanding” the laws.

Where is heaven and how do you get there? Heaven is inside you, for you can create a heaven and hell based from your perspective. See you don’t need to be involved in religion to know this stuff, for anyone can see with logic that these are the laws of the “Universe”. The spiritual world affects the physical, therefore we are spiritual and vibrational beings….