Antarctica Mystery: The Extraterrestrial connection

Here we will dive into the connections of what lurks in the Antarctica regions, and how this connects to the war that took place on Mars. Now, based from what we have learned so far, I start to see that the layers of the onions now unravel itself. When researching on the information based on how a war took place on Mars, only then it becomes a fact that there was some kind of Alien species that came down from to Earth.

Now, I detail some sources from Dr. Brandenburg's research and how he states on the cataclysm that took place on Mars. But as of now, let's see some references on the battle between the two races, and how Antarctica is heavily involved based from the different sources.

Now, before I get into the Battles and connections to Atlantis and Mars, I want to list somethings that connects to Antarctica. Based from the website: "" states this: US Navy pilot tells of an Ancient Alien City found in Antarctica December 5, 2020 by Nancy Thames

"In January 2015, UFO researcher Linda Moulton-Howe (editor of the website) received an unexpected letter from an alleged retired US Navy engineer, former first-class flight, non-commissioned officer. The letter that Linda received, tells of the experiences in which the anonymous officer of the US NAVY (refers to himself as “Brian”) recounts his bizarre and extraordinary experiences of various rescues and flights with planes in Antarctica, which took place between the years 1983 and 1997. “Brian” claims that he is aware of a collaboration that still exists between humans and aliens and that Antarctica is an important location and field of research for these incredible collaborations."

"As mentioned above, Brian and his flights’ experiences in rescue operations and support and research operations on behalf of the US Navy in Antarctica occurred in the period 1983-1997 and some of these operations included several observations of silvery color flying saucers, flying high over the Transantarctic mountains. He and his crew would also have seen ancient ruins of an Alien city and a large hole in the ice about five to ten miles from the geographic South Pole (red circle on the map) and that this geographical area was to be a No Fly Zone, or a no-fly zone by USAF and US Navy planes."

"But during an emergency, Brian tells of having entered the whole crew of the plane inside the No Alien Fly Zone and to have seen what they should not have seen: an entrance to a base of human-alien scientific research created under the ice."

"Then in a field near Marie Byrd Land, a dozen scientists disappeared for two weeks and when they reappeared, Brian’s flight crew got consent from the US Navy to recover them. Brian says the team of scientists didn’t speak, they were silent and shocked – “their faces looked scared” – Brian says in the letter sent to Linda. Brian decided to share what he experienced in those years, in the following letter, reproduced in full below by researcher Linda M. Howe:

To: Subject: Antarctica UFO Date: January 2, 2015 “Hello Linda, I am a retired US Navy aeronautical engineer, pilot of an LC 130 plane that retired after 20 years of service in 1997."

"I felt like writing to her after meditating for a long period of time, so here is my decision to write and tell her about my experience on the Antarctic continent, witness of sightings of flying saucers and of which I have been told not to speak. I served my country in my 20s in the navy with a squadron called Antartic Development Squadron Six or VXE-6 as it was also known."

"I have been working with this squadron since 1983, then retired in March 1997. Being a flight engineer, I was able to fly for more than 4000 hours in that capacity and saw things that most people can’t even imagine. , of what is found on the continent of Antarctica."

"“The earth seems more foreign to us than earthly. Our operations in this frozen land began in late September and ended in late February of each year until the squadron was decommissioned in 1999. During my service in the team, I have flown to almost every part of the Antarctic continent including the South Pole more than 300 times."

"McMurdo station, which is a 3.5-hour flight from the South Pole station, was the squadron’s base during our annual operations. Between these two stations there is a mountain range called the Antarctic Trans. With what we have called Severe Clear, or the time that goes from McMurdo to the South Pole, the Antarctic Trans mountain range is visible from flight altitudes at around 25,000 – 35,000 feet."

"On several flights to and from the McMurdo-South Pole base, the crew saw unidentified vehicles, that is, flying saucers that darted around the tops of the Antarctic Trans, almost exactly at the same point every time they flew between this area. This is very unusual for air traffic over there, due to the fact that the only planes flying on the continent were ours, namely those of the VXE-6 squadron. Each aircraft knew where the other plane was to carry out its flight plan."

“Another unique problem with the South Pole station is that our plane was never allowed to fly over a certain area which was 5 miles from Mc Murdo station. The reason stated was due to an air sampling area in the coordinated one. This doesn’t make any sense for any of us in the crew, because on 2 different occasions we had to fly over this area. Once due to a medical evacuation from the Australian camp called Davis Camp."

"It was on the opposite side of the continent and we had to refuel at the South Pole and the flight area was headed for Davis Camp passing right above the air sampling station. The only thing we saw rarely passing beyond this field was a large hole in the ice, as if there was the entrance of a huge base. You could fly one of our LC130 over this thing."

“It was after this mission that we were recalled and informed by intelligence agents from Washington DC, who told us not to talk about this area, the one we flew over and where you can see the big hole in the ice. We once approached the air sampling camp – the air sampling area – but we had some electrical faults on the aircraft and some mysterious anomalies."

"Then I was told to leave this area immediately and report to our squadron commander as soon as we returned to McMurdo. Needless to say, our pilot (the pilot commander of the LC130) was sent away, exempted from the mission assignment as well as our crew. So everyone stayed away from the South Pole for over a month."

"There were other times when we saw things that were out of the ordinary. In a peripheral field near Marie Byrd Land we have left some scientists and their equipment. Always staying in communication with McMurdo for 2 weeks, our crew flew back to the field to find out if the scientists were okay with the supplies and if everything was okay in general. But strangely, we did not find anyone where we left them and there was no sign of their presence."

"The radio was on and I tried to call McMurdo to verify that it was working properly. We left the field and returned to McMurdo as ordered by our Commander. A week later, a scientist informed Mc Murdo to return to the camp again to pick them up. As soon as the team of scientists was loaded, everyone was silent, did not speak to the crew of the plane and seemed frightened."

“As soon as we landed in McMurdo, the scientists were put on another of our planes part of the squadron and took off in flight to Christchurch in New Zealand. We have never heard of them again, they completely disappeared. Their equipment that we brought back from the field was quarantined and sent back to the United States, escorted by the same Intelligence agents who had asked us about our flight over the air sampling area where there is precisely the big hole in the ice. I could go on and on many things and other situations that I observed during my tour with the VXE-6."

"Very often we had discussions between the flight crews on the UFO bases at the South Pole and some crew members had heard from some of the scientists that in that area, where the air camouflage and the big hole is located, there are EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) that work and interact with scientists. It is a huge alien base where Humans work together."

"Brian, aged 60, graduated from Iowa college with the degree of Engineer with a specialization in aviation maintenance ecology and an aviation certificate. In 1977, he then enlisted in the United States Navy and was in service for twenty years until his retirement in 1997."

"He provided documents to the Earthfiles site of researcher Multon Howe, together with his DD-214 documents and other service certificates, including the Antarctic Service Medal, awarded to him on 20 November 1984 as proof of his period in service. There don’t seem to be many secrets hidden in the Antarctic continent and there are many different stories that come out thanks to military personnel who, after years and years of forced silence, have decided to reveal information about Alien Bases in that part of the world!"

Based from the website "" states this from "Buzz Aldrin's cryptic tweet": Buzz Aldrin Warns “We Are All In Danger. It Is Evil Itself” December 9, 2016

"Buzz Aldrin has tweeted an ominous warning on Twitter this week, claiming that “we are all in danger. It is evil itself,” accompanied by a picture of a pyramid at the South Pole. The tweet comes days after the U.S. astronaut was mysteriously taken ill in Antarctica and had to be evacuated to safety in nearby New Zealand for emergency medical treatment.As has been reported by worldwide media, US Secretary of State John Kerry recently traveled to the South Pole, allegedly to become better informed about “Climate Change.” Kerry was the highest ranking US government official ever to visit the South Pole, and his visit struck many as unusual. Few saw any purpose whatsoever to sending America’s top Diplomat to the farthest reaches of the earth to see . . . ice." 

"Now, with Buzz Aldrin’s tweet, and its strange deletion, folks are wondering if sending America’s top Diplomat to no-man’s land, perhaps had something to do with Diplomacy after all. Is there some entity there with which we need Diplomatic contact? If so, why did Buzz Aldrin warn that we are all in danger? Why did he call it “Evil itself?” If there is something at the South Pole which may be “evil itself” then let humanity know about it so we can all decide upon a course of action to deal with it; even if the decision is to leave it be. But since a trusted and respected Astronaut has told us “We’re all in danger” then whatever is there, has just become ALL of our business to decide what to do."

Based from "" states this: Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Tweets From Antarctica “We Are All In Danger”

"For Today in Conspiracy Corner we travel all the way to Antarctica. That is where the 2nd man on the moon (official story)- iconic Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin sent out a cryptic Tweet he then later deleted. The Tweet featured a picture of a mysterious pyramid and the caption “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.” 

"An evil THING uncovered at an Antarctic outpost? I think we all know where this story is going! For medical reasons Aldrin had been evacuated from the South Pole on December 1st where he was visiting as part of a tourist group. The American hero was air lifted to New Zealand with fluid in his lungs, but soon recovered with antibiotics and rest. At least according to the official story. The strange Tweet opens up fresh questions about his REAL reason for going to Antarctica at the age of 86 and what exact illness he may have contracted from whatever he encountered down there."

"The alleged pyramid is located adjacent to the United Kingdom’s Princess Elisabeth Station at the South Pole. It has been noted on Google Earth for its symmetrical, artificial looking appearance in contrast to other glaciers and rock formations in the area. Buzz Aldrin is not the only high profile person to visit the ice covered continent this year. The head of Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill – essentially the equivalent of The Pope- traveled to a Russian base in Antarctica supposedly to “commune with penguins.” That sort of seems like a strange excuse. Was he going to convert the penguins to the Russian Orthodox Church? Well God himself, Morgan Freeman DID do the voice over for March Of The Penguins."

"To top it off Secretary of State John Kerry also recently traveled to Antarctica in November supposedly to personally take a look at how the ice was melting on the continent and report his findings to international climate meetings happening in Marrakech, Morocco. After all he did negotiate the Paris Climate Agreement which is soon going to be terminated- so maybe this was one last hurrah for Kerry? I mean why did he have to go himself, why couldn’t he just talk to the scientists?"

"While the State Department released photos of Secretary Kerry checking out penguins and lots and lots of ICE. This included the ominous sounding “Blood Falls” that appears like blood is pouring out of it because of the combination of iron and saline water present. With all of these VIP visitations to the area, the question has to be asked: what is really going on here? Astronauts, top clergy members and the United States’ highest ranking diplomat all sent to the South Pole? Perhaps there is another worldly VIP in this “pyramid” that we need to communicate with? What EVIL do you think is in Antarctica that Buzz Aldrin was referring to?"

Based from this segment, can somewhat connect to Superman's "Fortress of Solitude". Here is what the Wiki states here:

"The Fortress of Solitude is a fictional fortress appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Superman. A place of solace and occasional headquarters for Superman, the fortress is typically depicted as being in frozen tundra, away from civilization."

"Its predecessor, Superman's "Secret Citadel", first appeared in Superman #17, where it was said to be built into a mountain on the outskirts of Metropolis. By issue #58 (May–June 1949) it is referred to as the Fortress of Solitude, seems at a glance to be a freestanding castle, and is said to be located in a "polar waste"."

"When the Fortress reappears in 1958 and for the first time takes center stage in a story ("The Super-Key to Fort Superman", Action Comics #241), it is again an underground complex in a mountainous cliffside. Traditionally, the Fortress of Solitude is located in the Arctic, though more recent versions of the Superman comics have placed the Fortress in other locations, including the Antarctic, the Andes, and the Amazon rainforest and the Bogan River at Nyngan NSW Australia."

"The general public in Superman's world is either unaware or at best only vaguely aware of the existence of the Fortress, and its location is kept secret from all but Superman's closest friends and allies (such as Lois Lane and Batman). A trademark of the Fortress is that it contains a memorial statue of Jor-El and Lara, Superman's Kryptonian parents, holding a large globe of Krypton. Although Superman has living quarters at the Fortress, his main residence is still Clark Kent's apartment in Metropolis. The arctic Fortress of Solitude concept was first created for pulp hero Doc Savage during the 1930s."

Now, based from the website "x-files.fandom" states this:

"About four billion years ago, a rock from Mars may have crashed to Earth. (TXF: "Tunguska", "The Truth") In 1947, a police officer named Arthur Dales asked a laboratory technician called Ted to take a look at a baseball glove that was covered in a green, slimy substance."

"When Ted inspected the glove, he found the substance highly unusual as it was unlike any other substance he had ever seen. He determined that it was from a life-form which did not seem to be carbon-based, but he believed that to be impossible. Later, an Alien Bounty Hunter told Ted that he had obtained the substance from "just to the left of Mars". (TXF: "The Unnatural")

"In 1977, the Viking Observer spacecraft reached the orbit of Mars and sent close-up photographic transmissions of the planet back to NASA. The photos surprisingly revealed the presence of large amounts of water locked in Mars’ polar icecaps. Some speculated that the water could have possibly sustained life on the planet. An even more controversial revelation was an image of a land formation that looked like a sculpted human face, known as the Face on Mars."

"NASA officials - including the Viking Orbiter Project Director, Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt - assured the press that it was nothing more than a trick of light and shadows - a geologic anomaly, not an indication of an alien civilization. In the early 1990s, certain fringe elements accused the American government of sabotaging the failed Hubble Telescope and the Mars Observer. Some believed that the failure of the spacecraft was connected to a conspiracy to deny evidence of alien civilizations." (TXF: "Space")

"On January 12, 1996, a rare planetary alignment involving Mars, Mercury and Uranus occurred. On that date, FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder was investigating a series of murder cases in Comity. Zirinka, a female astrologist, told Mulder that the inhabitants of the small town were acting strangely due to the planetary alignment. (TXF: "Syzygy") In the same year, a rock from Mars was found in Antarctica." (TXF: "Biogenesis")

"In November of that year, there was an ongoing debate over fossilized remains of alien bacteria. (TXF: "Tunguska") Even the most conservative scientists and science journals were calling for the exploration of Mars and Jupiter. (TXF: "Terma") Mulder and his FBI partner, Special Agent Dana Scully, visited the NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. A doctor who worked there named Sacks told them that a rock they had brought to the center contained polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons fitting the approximate description of those in fragments of meteorite found in the ice fields of Antarctica."

"According to Dr. Sacks, the rock could quite possibly have come from Mars and might be over four billion years old. Although the rock was relatively worthless, Dr. Sacks believed it could add evidence to the debate. With the agents' permission, he tried to take a core sample from the rock but oil spurted out of it and black worms started crawling onto him, eventually possessing him." (TXF: "Tunguska")

"In 1999, Doctor Solomon Merkmallen, Professor of Biology at the University of Ivory Coast, was murdered. In a briefing at the FBI Headquarters, Agents Mulder and Scully told Assistant Director Walter Skinner that Doctor Merkmallen had believed in a scientifically plausible fringe theory called "Panspermia".

"The theory was that Mars or other planets had been habitable long before Earth and that cosmic collisions on these planets had blasted microbes into the solar system, some of which had landed and flourished on Earth to create the first early forms of life on that planet."

"Assistant Director Skinner later called the belief "Mars theories". (TXF: "Biogenesis") In 2000, Special Agent John Doggett told Scully that he knew little more about the paranormal than "men are from Mars and women are from Venus". (TXF: "Patience") At a trial in May 2002, Scully revealed that she, like many respected scientists, believed that life had come to Earth from a rock or meteor from Mars."

"She also believed that the same meteor had brought an alien virus which had thrived on Earth prehistorically, eventually infecting early humans and transforming them into alien life-forms themselves. According to Scully, these aliens had died in Earth's last ice age and the virus had lain dormant underground until it had resurfaced in 1947. When later asked by Special Agent Kallenbrunner to provide proof of alien existence, Scully told him that the Mars rocks supported her testimony but was told that they were insubstantial evidence." (TXF: "The Truth")

(This secretly details the "Black Stone" that fell from Heaven...)

Here is an interesting connection to Mars. Let's see what the Wiki states on the movie "Species 2":

"Commander Patrick Ross leads a crewed mission to Mars. Soil samples collected by Patrick's team of astronauts unwittingly contain an alien-based substance which thaws aboard their capsule due to the temperature difference and contaminates them, causing a seven-minute contact gap with mission control. With seemingly no subsequent negative effects, the astronauts return to Earth to public celebration."

"Only an institutionalized former scientist, Dr. Cromwell, reacts to their return with violent panic. Meanwhile, Dr. Laura Baker has created a clone of Sil named Eve, whose alien DNA is suppressed to make her more docile. Her team conducts experiments on Eve, hoping to find a way to combat the alien species should it ever return to Earth. Every experiment is unsuccessful as Eve's biology adapts."

"Upon their return, Patrick and his team are told to refrain from sexual activity for ten days. Patrick disregards this advice and has a threesome with two sisters Marcy and Lucy following a fundraiser. During sex with Lucy, he begins to sprout tentacles. Lucy notices his transformation while she is stroking his body and is horrified at the sight of him, whereupon she tries to free herself from his clutches. She pleads with him to stop but he ignores her pleas as he proceeds to climax."

"The hyper-fertile alien seed within Marcy and Lucy causes them both to experience accelerated pregnancies, culminating when Patrick's half-alien children violently explode from their abdomens. Patrick hides his rapidly growing sons on the property of his father, Senator Judson Ross. Meanwhile when Patrick has sex, Eve experiences excitement. The next day, Patrick tells his father he cannot remember the previous night's events. Senator Ross indicates that he is aware of Patrick's behavior and tells him to focus on his political goals."

"Dr. Orinsky, one of the NASA scientists who examined Patrick, discovers something amiss about his blood sample and desperately tries to contact Cromwell. However, Orinsky is ambushed and disemboweled by something formed from Patrick's blood. Laura discovers that the DNA in Orinsky's wounds is distinct from Eve's, making her an unlikely culprit in the murder. This prompts Colonel Burgess, the military supervisor in charge of her project, to reunite her with Press Lennox to contain the new threat."

"Press and Laura seek out Cromwell, Orinsky's former professor, and learn that he discovered that the alien species had attacked and destroyed Mars in ancient times. Because of his fears that alien DNA might remain on Mars to infect anyone who visited the planet in the future, Cromwell urged the government to abort the mission, but was committed to an institution to permanently silence him."

"Press and Laura identify the Mars astronauts as the prime suspects. Unable to find Patrick, they pursue the other astronauts, Anne Sampas and Dennis Gamble. They arrive too late to prevent Anne from having sex with her husband, resulting in her impregnation with hybrid offspring."

"A tentacle-like creature bursts from Anne's abdomen and kills her husband before Press and Laura manage to kill her. Meanwhile, a second team of agents locate and examine Dennis, but confirm he is not infected. Laura discovers that Anne's hybrid DNA does not match that in Orinsky's wounds, meaning Patrick is the killer. Meanwhile, Patrick has sex with his girlfriend, resulting in her death through the birth of another hybrid son."

"Horrified at causing her death, Patrick attempts suicide by shotgun, but the alien DNA regenerates his head and restores him back to life and temporarily killing his human side, with the drive to mate with as many women as possible. Dennis witnesses this and tells Press and Laura what he saw, remembering what happened in the capsule and joining them in their mission."

"Patrick begins impregnating as many women as he can, hiding his victims and up to twenty children on his father's property. Laura is ordered to activate Eve's alien DNA so she can telepathically track Patrick, but this makes her volatile and strengthens her alien instincts."

"Patrick surrenders to Press and Dennis after attempting to rape Darlene, whereupon he becomes aware of Eve; they take him to the lab despite their suspicion. As Patrick is taken to custody, Eve shows signs of being in heat. Patrick demands Laura open Eve's cell and nearly kills her when she refuses, but Press and Dennis drive him off with a special gaseous weapon."

"Burgess confronts Ross with irrefutable proof of Patrick's infection and demands help in detaining Patrick. Suspicious that Patrick will instead be killed, Ross deduces that he is at the property and apologizes for treating his son so coldly. Patrick's human side briefly returns, but while he tearfully embraces his father, the alien DNA violently reasserts itself and kills the Senator."

"Ross's death completely destroys Patrick's humanity, and he helps his hybrid children to cocoon, so they will soon begin mating themselves and prepare to eradicate humanity. Back at the lab, Laura discovers Dennis was not infected because he is a carrier of sickle-cell disease, as the species lacks immunity to human genetic diseases. While they plan to weaponize this weakness, Eve breaks out of her confinement to find Patrick. Press, Laura and Dennis pursue her, with Burgess and the military following."

"At the shed, they kill Patrick's offspring while Eve and Patrick transform into their alien forms and begin to mate. The mating stops when Press and Dennis intervene, allowing Eve to break free; Patrick, transformed into another alien form, overpowers Eve by forcing his tongue-tentacle down her throat. Once Eve passes out, Press impales the male alien in the back with a pitchfork coated in Dennis' blood, causing him to disintegrate and die. The military escorts Press, Laura and the injured Dennis away."

"Eve's seemingly lifeless body is loaded into an ambulance, but shortly after, her womb begins to swell rapidly—indicating her survival and impregnation by Patrick—while one of his youngest sons, who somehow survived, watches. As the screen cuts to black, Eve's uterus bursts and her screaming is heard, leading into the events of the third film."

Again, another reference to an Alien race coming from Mars...

Then there is the movie "The Thing", here is what the wiki states: "The Thing is a 1982 American science fiction horror film directed by John Carpenter and written by Bill Lancaster. Based on the 1938 John W. Campbell Jr. novella Who Goes There?, it tells the story of a group of American researchers in Antarctica who encounter the eponymous "Thing", a parasitic extraterrestrial life-form that assimilates, then imitates other organisms. The group is overcome by paranoia and conflict as they learn that they can no longer trust each other and that any one of them could be the Thing..... "

"In Antarctica, a Norwegian helicopter pursues a sled dog to an American research station. The Americans witness the Norwegian passenger accidentally blow up the helicopter and himself. The pilot shoots at the dog and shouts at the Americans, but they cannot understand him and he is shot dead in self-defense by station commander Garry."

"The American helicopter pilot, R.J. MacReady, and Dr. Copper leave to investigate the Norwegian base. Among the charred ruins and frozen corpses, they find the burned remains of a malformed humanoid which they recover to the American station. Their biologist, Blair, performs autopsies on the remains and finds a normal set of human organs."

"Clark kennels the sled dog, and it soon metamorphoses and absorbs the station dogs. This disturbance alerts the team and Childs uses a flamethrower to incinerate the creature. Blair autopsies the new creature and learns that it can perfectly imitate other organisms. Recovered Norwegian data leads the Americans to a large excavation site containing a partially buried alien spacecraft, and a smaller, human-sized dig site."

"Norris estimates that the alien ship has been buried for at least 100,000 years. Blair grows paranoid after running a computer simulation that indicates that the creature could assimilate all life on Earth in a matter of years."

"The station implements controls to reduce the risk of assimilation. The malformed humanoid creature assimilates an isolated Bennings, but Windows interrupts the process and MacReady burns the Bennings-Thing. Blair sabotages all the vehicles, kills the remaining sled dogs, and destroys the radio to prevent escape."

"The team imprisons him in a tool shed. Copper suggests a test to compare each member's blood against uncontaminated blood held in storage, but after learning that the blood stores have been destroyed, the men lose faith in Garry, and MacReady takes command. MacReady, Windows and Nauls find Fuchs's burnt corpse and surmise he committed suicide to avoid assimilation. Windows returns to base while MacReady and Nauls investigate MacReady's shack."

"On their return, Nauls abandons MacReady in a snowstorm, believing he has been assimilated after finding his torn clothes in the shack. The team debates whether to allow MacReady inside, but he breaks in and holds the group at bay with dynamite. During the encounter, Norris appears to suffer a heart attack. As Copper attempts to defibrillate Norris, his chest transforms into a large mouth and bites off Copper's arms, killing him. MacReady incinerates the Norris-Thing, but its head detaches and attempts to escape before also being burnt."

"MacReady is forced to kill Clark in self-defense when the latter lunges at him from behind with a knife. He hypothesizes that the Norris-Thing's head demonstrated that every part of the Thing is an individual life form with its own survival instinct. He has everyone tied up and sequentially tests blood samples with a heated piece of wire. Everyone passes the test except Palmer, whose blood jumps from the heat."

"Exposed, Palmer-Thing transforms, breaks free of its bonds, and infects Windows, forcing MacReady to incinerate them both. Childs is left on guard while the others go to test Blair. They find that Blair has escaped, and has been using vehicle components to assemble a small flying saucer. On their return, Childs is missing and the power generator is destroyed."

"MacReady speculates that the Thing intends to return to hibernation until a rescue team arrives. MacReady, Garry, and Nauls decide to detonate the entire station to destroy the Thing. As they set explosives, Blair kills Garry and Nauls disappears. Transforming into an enormous creature, Blair-Thing destroys the detonator."

"MacReady triggers the explosives using a stick of dynamite, destroying the base. MacReady sits nearby as the station burns. Childs returns, saying he became lost in the storm while pursuing Blair. Exhausted and slowly freezing to death, they acknowledge the futility of their distrust and share a bottle of Scotch."

Then based from the Movie "Godzilla King of the Monsters", details a Dragon that "fell" from Space. Here is what the Wiki states on this subject:

Plot: "Five years after the existence of the "Titans" was revealed to the world, Dr. Emma Russell, a paleobiologist working for the Titan-studying organization Monarch, and her daughter Madison witness the birth of a larva called Mothra. Emma calms Mothra using the "Orca," a device that can emit frequencies to attract or alter Titan behavior."

"A group of eco-terrorists, led by former British Army Colonel Alan Jonah, attacks the base and abducts Emma and Madison, while Mothra flees and pupates under a nearby waterfall. Monarch scientists Dr. Ishirō Serizawa and Dr. Vivienne Graham approach former employee Dr. Mark Russell, Emma's ex-husband and Madison's father, to help track them down."

"Mark is reluctant at first due to his hatred toward Godzilla, whom he blames for the death of his son during the events in San Francisco, but eventually agrees. The Monarch team follows Godzilla to Antarctica, where Jonah plans to free a three-headed Titan codenamed "Monster Zero". Emma frees and awakens Monster Zero, who battles Godzilla, devours Graham and escapes. The team later realizes that Emma is working with the terrorists."

"From a Monarch bunker in Boston, Emma contacts Monarch and argues that the Titans must be awakened in order to heal the Earth from the damages that humans have caused. Emma awakens Rodan in Mexico, and the Monarch team lure it towards Monster Zero. After Rodan is defeated, Godzilla ambushes Monster Zero and severs his left head. During the fight, the U.S. Navy launches a prototype weapon called the "Oxygen Destroyer", seemingly killing Godzilla."

"Unaffected, Monster Zero regrows his lost head and awakens all the other dormant Titans around the world, with Rodan submitting to his rule. As a result, Madison disowns Emma. Through mythological texts, Dr. Ilene Chen discovers that Monster Zero is King Ghidorah, a prehistoric alien seeking to transform the Earth. Mothra emerges from her cocoon and flies to Monarch's Bermuda base to communicate with Godzilla, who is recuperating in an ancient underwater city."

"Via submarine, the team locates Godzilla's lair, which is highly radioactive. They deduce it will take too long for Godzilla to heal on his own and decide to detonate a nuclear warhead to speed up the process. Serizawa sacrifices himself by manually detonating the warhead, reviving Godzilla and increasing his power."

"Emma realizes the destruction Ghidorah and the other Titans will bring to the world is far worse than anything humans could inflict, but Jonah ignores her pleas to stop. Madison overhears this and steals the Orca. Arriving at Fenway Park, Madison broadcasts a frequency that calms the Titans but unwittingly attracts them all to her location."

"Ghidorah lands in Boston to destroy the Orca. Godzilla arrives to engage him in battle with Monarch personnel's assistance. Mark leads a team to rescue Madison and escape the city after learning Godzilla's radiation levels are increasing and will lead to a thermonuclear explosion. Mothra arrives to help Godzilla but is intercepted by Rodan; she defeats him but is injured in the process."

"Ghidorah overpowers Godzilla and prepares to kill him, but Mothra sacrifices herself and transfers her energy to Godzilla. Mark, Emma, and Madison are reunited and reactivate the Orca to lure Ghidorah away from Godzilla. Emma sacrifices herself to lead Ghidorah away, giving Mark, Madison, and the Monarch team time to escape. Godzilla enters a newly empowered state and defeats Ghidorah. Rodan and the other Titans converge on Godzilla and bow to him."

"During the ending credits, news clippings and Monarch files show that the Titans are helping to heal the planet, a suspected second Mothra egg has been discovered, and some of the Titans are converging on Skull Island. Ancient cave paintings of Godzilla and Kong in battle are shown. In a post-credits scene, Jonah and his forces purchase Ghidorah's severed left head in Mexico."

(Again, more references towards Antarctica and this strange connection of an Extraterrestrial that fell from Space)

Then based from the movie "Godzilla vs King King" 2021, details King King being taken to "Antarctica", and from there is the entrance to the "Hollow Earth". Based from the Wiki states this:

Plot: "Five years after Godzilla defeated King Ghidorah,[c] Kong is monitored by Monarch within a giant dome on Skull Island. Kong is visited by Jia, the last Iwi native and adopted daughter of Kong expert Ilene Andrews, who is deaf and communicates with Kong via sign language. Bernie Hayes, an employee of Apex Cybernetics and host of a Titan conspiracy theory podcast, extracts data suggesting sinister activities at an Apex's Pensacola facility. However, Godzilla suddenly attacks the facility; during the rampage, Bernie stumbles on a massive device. Madison Russell, a fan of Bernie's podcast, enlists her friend Josh to investigate Godzilla's attacks."

"Apex CEO Walter Simmons recruits Nathan Lind, former Monarch scientist, and Hollow Earth theorist, to guide a search for a power source into the Hollow Earth, the homeworld of the Titans. Nathan is initially hesitant as his brother died in an expedition to the Hollow Earth due to a strong reverse-gravitational effect. He agrees after Walter reveals that Apex has developed HEAVs, specialized crafts able to withstand the pressure exerted by the gravity field."

"Nathan meets with Ilene and convinces her to let Kong guide them through the Hollow Earth via an outpost in Antarctica. Nathan, Ilene, and an Apex team led by Walter's daughter Maia board a modified barge escorted by the U.S. Navy that carries a sedated and restrained Kong. Godzilla attacks the convoy and defeats Kong but retreats after the ships disable their power and trick him into thinking they are destroyed."

"To avoid alerting Godzilla, Kong is airlifted to the Hollow Earth entrance, and Jia convinces him to enter the tunnel while the team follows him in the HEAVs. Madison and Josh find Bernie, who joins their investigation. They sneak into the wrecked Apex base, discover a secret facility underground, and are inadvertently locked into an underground hyperloop-type transport to Apex headquarters in Hong Kong, where they unwittingly stumble on a test of Mechagodzilla."

"It is telepathically controlled by Ren Serizawa, the son of the late Ishirō Serizawa,[c] through the neural networks from the skull of a severed Ghidorah head,[c] but is hobbled by its power supply's limitations. Walter intends to harness the Hollow Earth's energy to overcome Mechagodzilla's limitations."

"Inside the Hollow Earth, Kong and the team find an ecosystem similar to Skull Island. They discover his species' ancestral throne room, where they find remains of an ancient war with Godzilla's kind and a glowing axe made from another Godzilla's dorsal plates. As they identify the power source, the Apex team sends its signature back to their Hong Kong base despite Ilene's protests."

"Attracted by Mechagodzilla's activation, Godzilla arrives in Hong Kong, and sensing Kong, he directly drills a shaft to the throne room with his atomic breath. Maia and the Apex team attempt to escape in the ensuing mayhem, but their HEAV is crushed by Kong. Kong, Ilene, Jia, and Nathan ascend to Hong Kong, where Kong engages Godzilla in a final battle. Kong initially gains the upper-hand; however, Godzilla emerges victorious after incapacitating Kong."

"Madison, Josh, and Bernie are caught by security and taken to Walter. Despite Ren's concerns over the power source's volatility, Walter orders him to activate Mechagodzilla. Now possessed by Ghidorah's consciousness, Mechagodzilla kills Walter, electrocutes Ren, and then attacks Hong Kong. Godzilla and Mechagodzilla battle, but Godzilla is overwhelmed. Nathan revives Kong by destroying the HEAV on his chest, and Jia convinces him to help Godzilla."

"As Mechagodzilla overpowers both Titans, Josh short-circuits Mechagodzilla's controls with Bernie's flask of liquor on its control panel, momentarily interrupting the mech. Godzilla charges Kong's axe with his atomic breath, allowing Kong to destroy Mechagodzilla. Madison, Bernie, and Josh reunite with Mark Russell, while Godzilla and Kong acknowledge each other before the two go their separate ways. Sometime later, Monarch has established an observation post in the Hollow Earth, where Kong now rules."

Then there is the movie called "Transformers". Here the wiki states this: "Thousands of years ago, the planet Cybertron was consumed by a civil war between the two Transformer factions, the Autobots led by Optimus Prime and the Decepticons led by Megatron. The Autobots want to find the All Spark, the source of all Cybertronian life, so they can use it to rebuild Cybertron and end the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, while the Decepticons want to use it to defeat the Autobots and conquer the universe."

"Megatron found the All Spark on Earth, but crash-landed in the Arctic Circle and was frozen in the ice. Captain Archibald Witwicky and his crew of explorers stumble upon Megatron's body in 1897. Captain Witwicky accidentally activates Megatron's navigational system, causing his eyeglasses to be imprinted with the coordinates of the All Spark's location. Sector 7, a secret United States government organization, discovers the All Spark in the Colorado river and builds the Hoover Dam around it to mask its energy emissions. The still-frozen Megatron is moved into this facility and is reverse engineered to advance human technology."

"In the year 2007, the rest of the Decepticons—Blackout, Scorponok, Frenzy, Barricade, Starscream, Devastator and Bonecrusher—have landed on Earth and assumed the disguise of Earth vehicles. Blackout and Scorponok attack the U.S. SOCCENT FWD military base in Qatar and try to hack into the U.S. military network to find the location of Megatron and the All Spark. Their mission is thwarted when the base staff severs the network cable connections."

"While Blackout destroys the rest of the base, Scorponok chases a small group of survivors who have photographic evidence of the robots, but he is eventually repelled. During this battle, the military discovers its only effective weapons against the Transformers' armor are high-heat sabot rounds. After Blackout's failure, Frenzy infiltrates Air Force One to try again to hack into the military network, and in doing so plants a virus."

"He finds the map imprinted on Captain Witwicky's glasses, whose descendant, Sam Witwicky, intends to sell on eBay. Frenzy and Barricade begin tracking Sam's location. The Autonomous Robotic Organism (shortened to "Autobot") Bumblebee is also on Earth, disguised as a 1976 Chevrolet Camaro, and is bought by Sam while shopping for his first car."

"Bumblebee helps him woo his crush, Mikaela Banes. Bumblebee leaves at night to transmit a homing signal to the rest of the Autobots and Sam sees him in robot mode. Barricade confronts Sam and demands Archibald's spectacles, but Bumblebee rescues him and Mikaela. After Bumblebee upgrades his vehicle form by scanning a 2006 Chevrolet Camaro, they leave to rendezvous with the rest of the Autobots: Optimus Prime, Jazz, Ironhide, and Ratchet—who have landed on Earth and taken the forms of Earth vehicles as well. Sam, Mikaela, and the Autobots return to Sam's home and obtain the glasses."

"Agents from Sector 7 arrive and capture Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee. Frenzy, disguised as a cellphone, secretly accompanies the group to Hoover Dam and releases Megatron from his frozen state. Locating the All Spark, Frenzy sends an alert to the other Decepticons. Sam convinces the Sector 7 agents to release Bumblebee so that he can get the All Spark to Optimus Prime."

"Frenzy's virus has shut down government communications, but a pair of hackers manage to establish a signal to the Air Force. The Autobot-human convoy goes to nearby Mission City to obtain a radio that will guide the Air Force's defense and secure a rendezvous point as a safe destination for All Spark. The Decepticons attack and Bonecrusher, Frenzy, Jazz, Devastator and Blackout are all killed during the ensuing battle, but Sam manages to ram the All Spark into Megatron's chest, killing Megatron and destroying the All Spark."

"Optimus takes a fragment of the All Spark from Megatron's corpse, but realizes that with its destruction, their home world Cybertron cannot be restored. Consequently, Optimus sends a signal to other surviving Autobots in the universe, directing them to their new home, Earth. The government orders the closure of Sector 7 and has the four Decepticons killed in Mission City battle dumped into the Laurentian Abyss. Starscream, who fled the battle, escapes into space."

(The "AllSpark" is basically the "Black Stone" that fell from Heaven)

The "War on Cybertron" is based on Revelations 12, as the "War on Heaven". This is where the war of the Devas and the Asuras had taken place, prior to the desctruction of Mars. Based from the website "" states this: "

"Millions of years ago, Cybertron was a planet of peace...until the Decepticons, lusting for power, began a terrible war. Not designed for combat, the Autobots were overwhelmed and subjugated by their evil opponents. While many Autobots fled Cybertron, a few valiant survivors devised new tactics and launched a counter-offensive on their arch-foes."

"And thus began a terrible series of wars. Many times, both sides have claimed victory, but this has been short-lived, for the Autobots have overthrown Decepticon tyrants, and, likewise, Decepticon treachery has toppled many a peaceful Autobot ruler. And to this day, the war rages on." Computer, "Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2"

"The demigod Primus created the Transformers with the intention that they would all be righteous and obedient. However, his creations quickly became divided, eventually forming into the warring Autobots and Decepticons. Grimlock once theorized that this was some kind of natural yin-yang balance. According to the Liege Maximo, "When the first named Prime was created, so was the Liege Maximo. And from the Liege Maximo came the Decepticons and all their subsequent generations."

" infinite!" According to Optimus Prime, as the original Transformers reproduced through a process similar to cell division, Primus's goodness became more and more diffuse in succeeding generations, and Transformers were arising who had none of "the essential purity of our creator's vision." A genetic fail-safe eventually kicked in, causing them to forget how to reproduce without the aid of the Creation Matrix, but the moral dilution had already gone too far...."

(Another connection to a race losing the ability of reproductivity)

"Whatever the reason, a long period of tension between city-states and energy shortage led to a series of gladiatorial contests: the Overlord hoped this would give the tensions a release. Instead, it ramped them up. The peak came when the city of Vos tried to bomb Tarn and blame Iacon, only to be caught. A devastating war took place and led to both cities being destroyed, while Iacon deliberately left its rivals to burn."

"Tarn's champion gladiator Megatron, who let Overlord die in the ruins, formed the Decepticons from the disgruntled Vos/Tarn survivors State Games and began talking about transforming the planet into a mobile "cosmic dreadnought" to conquer the galaxy. The Decepticons were ignored as cranks Legion of the Lost! and after eons of planning, plotting, and building up strength, the Decepticons tore through an unprepared Cybertron."

"The Transformers Decepticon tactics were well-orchestrated, and Autobot casualties continued to mount until Optimus Prime arose from the Autobot ranks to become a warrior of great firepower and leader of great skill. With his help, Autobots were able to hold their own against the Decepticons The Transformers and he was given full command of the Autobot forces after the successful defence of Iacon: halting the Decepticon's then-unstoppable advance."

"And There Shall Come...a Leader! The cataclysmic forces that the war unleashed pushed Cybertron out of its orbit around Alpha Centauri. As the planet careened through space, it was pulled toward Sol and a turning point in the war. The Main Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars was in Cybertron's path, so Optimus Prime and an Autobot team abandoned the war briefly to launch the Ark and clear a path for their homeworld."

"They succeeded, but Megatron took advantage and attacked them immediately afterward. (Ironically, this was just after Optimus talked about the need to make peace with the Decepticons) That battle ended with the combatants crashing on prehistoric Earth and lying catatonic for four million years."

The Transformers cartoon :"It is unknown if there were any planetary civil wars among the Quintessons while they controlled Cybertron (although there was certainly crime and punishment). The first known war was the robot slave revolt around 11 million years BCE. The Quintessons had built Cybertron as a factory to produce two types of slave robots: military hardware and consumer goods. For a million years, the Quintessons maintained control, but when the robots began to develop emotions, they turned on their cruel Quintesson masters. Interestingly enough, the first revolt was carried out by a band of non-warrior robots (workers, scientists, and technicians)."

"They were led by a slave called A-3, who somehow possessed a secret weapon called a Coder Remote. However, Quintessons from the year 2006 used a time machine to kidnap A-3 the night before the final assault. Just as that occurred, though, the future Quintesssons were attacked by a team of Autobots. The Autobots found themselves outnumbered and outclassed, so, in desperation, they jumped through the "Time Window" and into the past."

"They were rescued from the attacks of a Quintesson Dark Guardian robot by Beta, the acting leader of the revolutionaries, and were accepted into the fold because they too wore the "slave brand" (the Autobot symbol). Beta decided to lead the attack on Hive City (which the Quintesssons had built with slave labor) with or without A-3, and the Autobots simply followed along. The attack went well at first, but the motley band of freedom fighters soon proved to be no match for the Quintessons' many Dark Guardians."

"Suddenly, however, A-3 returned from the future and used his Coder Remote, which was activated when he removed his slave brand and turned its reverse side to the Dark Guardians. It emitted a wide beam of light that caused the giant robots to stop in their tracks and fall down. A-3 urged the Autobots to return to the future, which they did, and the Quintesson time machine was destroyed upon their arrival. After the slaves drove the Quintessons away from Cybertron, peace reigned."

"However, the division between consumer goods and military hardware was becoming acute, as the two groups had even named themselves differently: The consumer goods robots called themselves Autobots, and the military hardware robots were known as Decepticons. While the Autobots preferred a peaceful existence, the Decepticons wanted conquest. For a time, the Decepticons succeeded....."

Now, based from research, I have found that the destruction of Atlantis is really based on the destruction of Mars, and that the inhabitants had to gather the animals and other wildlife onto the ships before the Planet's destruction, but is re-written as the "great flood". The next chapter will detail how Mars and Atlantis is really one and the same. Based on this topic somewhat connects to the Book "The Thiaooubia Prophecy" by Michel Desmarquet, as the two races had to gather into ships before the destruction of their home planet. Here states how there was a war between the ancestors of the Chinese and black people, and how they had to leave the planet due to a Nuclear fall out.

Then with this comes the story line from "The X-files", as the "Colonist" would have Aliens in rebellion and such. The wiki states this: "The Colonists are an extraterrestrial species and are also the primary group of antagonists in the science fiction television show, The X-Files, as well as the first X-Files feature film. The mystery revolving around their identity and purpose is slowly revealed across the course of the series. In the series' plot, the Colonists are collaborating with a group of United States government officials known as the Syndicate in a plan to colonize the Earth, hence their name."

"According to the series mythology, an extraterrestrial lifeform, known in the series' mythology simply as the Colonists, were originally present on Earth in the early stages of human evolution. They highly resemble the well-known "grey aliens" in their mature form. In their immature stage, they are more yellowish colored, tall, and very aggressive, possessing fangs, claws and scale-like texture of their skin. This immature form is a protective stage, able to viciously defend itself from birth. This outer skin is eventually shed when the alien develops into its mature form. The immature form resembles that of a reptilian extraterrestrial and is referred to as the "long-clawed" form....."

Alien Bounty Hunters: "The Bounty Hunters are a distinct group from the Colonist aliens. Although all Colonist aliens are shape-shifters, the Alien Bounty Hunters readily take the shape of humans and are tasked with policing their plans and tracking down and eliminating any threats."

"The bounty hunters have green blood that contains a retrovirus which, when exposed to humans, is lethal. The alien blood can burn through most surfaces like an acid, and can kill a normal human if exposed for too long to its noxious fumes. In addition, the alien's blood causes human blood to coagulate into a jelly-like substance, but its effects can be neutralized by extreme cold."

"The Bounty Hunters, and any member of the Colonists' race, could also only be killed by piercing a small area at the base of the neck; the bounty hunters carried a kind of alien stiletto-like weapon to assassinate rogue aliens and to destroy imperfect alien-human hybrids. Once dead, their bodies would rapidly dissolve into a pool of their severely acidic blood, which would eventually evaporate. Inconsistent with this arc, in season 8 episode 2 "Without" Scully kills the bounty hunter by shooting him with her gun."

"He oozes green blood, yet neither she, nor the other FBI agents who enter the room while the body is disintegrating, are affected by the green acid-like blood. The Alien Rebels, those aliens that opposed the plans of the alien Colonists, are of the same species. The distinguishing characteristic of the Rebels is that they have had all of their facial orifices sealed shut in an effort to avoid absorption of and subsequent infection by the parasitic black oil; this led to a somewhat grotesque appearance. In the latter seasons of The X-Files, the role of the Bounty Hunters on Earth has largely been taken over by the Super Soldiers, human replacements capable of withstanding incredible amounts of damage."

Alien Rebels: "There also exists a faction of aliens who actively oppose Colonization. They are the same species as the Alien Bounty Hunter(s), free from the effects of black oil infection. The Rebels are distinguished by their grotesque appearance: the orifices on their face are morphed shut to avoid absorption of the parasitic black oil. Colonization has apparently begun in the Rebels' home environment, but members of this species are spared gestation to become Bounty Hunters for the Colonists' ongoing conquest efforts."

"Although enemies of the Colonists, the Rebels can also be hostile to humanity; they carry prod-like weapons that can quickly incinerate a human and do not hesitate to use them. They burn abductees with chips in their necks at abduction sites in attempts to prevent colonization from proceeding."

"The Rebels have a vested interest in keeping the Colonists from finding out that a successful hybrid has been created. While the Rebels had an opportunity to destroy the hybrid, Cassandra Spender, they choose to let her survive in the hope that the Syndicate will join them in fighting the Colonists. If they refuse, Cassandra can be used to expose the truth and the conspiracy. The Rebels go so far as to infiltrate the Syndicate and bring up the possibility of fighting the Colonists. However, the Syndicate decides that fighting the Colonists would be futile."

"At this point, a fully working vaccine has not been created, and it is therefore decided that the best thing for the Syndicate to do is to comply with the original deal and turn over the hybrid to the Colonists in the hope that they are spared the resulting takeover."

"Before this can be done, however, the Rebels kill all but a few members of the Syndicate in addition to Cassandra, the only living successful alien-human hybrid, before the Syndicate is able to send a signal to the Colonists. Without a successful hybrid, the timetable for the Colonist invasion will not be advanced and the date set for colonization remains December 22, 2012."

Alien Human hybrids: "Early attempts to create alien-human hybrids were pioneered by German and Japanese scientists shortly after World War II, and for some time during the Cold War. However, these often met with failure, and the Syndicate started to rely more on their own scientists. According to the Alien Bounty Hunter, in the 1950s, Soviet geneticists found a unique genetic anomaly within identical twins."

"The Colonists and Syndicate scientists used this to eventually develop human clones with alien elements and partial hybrids, but they were still ultimately inferior. Hybrids of this type include Samantha Mulder, Kurt Crawford, the Gregors, Ernest Calderon, and Dr. William Secare. Child and adult versions of Samantha and Kurt are also seen."

"These clones have the same caustic greenish blood of the aliens, have greater muscular strength and higher physical endurance levels than most normal humans, and can breathe underwater. In addition to their intended use by the alien colonists, the Syndicate is occasionally seen using these clones to perform various tasks, such as research and physical labor."

"The pinnacle of the project is Cassandra Spender (Veronica Cartwright), mother of Jeffrey Spender (Chris Owens) and ex-wife of The Smoking Man. Cassandra is a hybrid created through a process other than cloning, and worked on by both the Syndicate and the aliens themselves, although the exact methods used to transform her are never fully revealed. The experiment presumably began when she, along with other family members of the Syndicate, were turned over to the colonists in 1973."

"For years, Cassandra was under the mistaken impression that she was to be an emissary of the aliens to spread a higher spiritual understanding to humanity, but after her final abduction in the late 1990s she comes to realize the truth. She is killed, along with most of the Syndicate, by the alien rebels."

"After being exposed to an alien artifact, Mulder slipped into a coma, although he was imbued with telepathic abilities. In order to find a cure for her partner, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) discovered a book containing Native American beliefs and practices; the books described how one man would be able to hold off the forces of the apocalypse and become humanity's savior."

"Meanwhile, The Smoking Man took Mulder and prepped to have his genetic material—the same material that allowed Mulder to become telepathic—implanted into him. He believed that Mulder had, in effect, become a perfect alien-human hybrid and that by taking his genetic material, he would be able to continue "The Project" and survive the coming alien onslaught."

(Now, based from the video "Area 51 worker spills the beans" would detail the "two groups" of Aliens. These are some references towards a war between two groups of an Extraterrestrial race)

Then from this story can connect to Superman's Home planet called "Krypton", as this is based on he different factions battling each other. Based from the website "", states this: "Krypton was a planet in the Rao system, orbiting a red star known as Rao. It was the home world of the Kryptonians, before the planet was destroyed in a seismic implosion from careless mining of the planet's core. Nearly all Kryptonians were killed in the implosion, except for Kal-El, Dru-Zod, and the Sword of Rao. Prior to the implosion, Krypton endured the Kryptonian Civil War which resulted in the death of its foremost scientist Jor-El and the incarceration of General Zod and his Sword of Rao."

"Krypton formed over 8.7 billion years ago in the Rao star system, and the development of cellular life led to the creation and evolution of the Kryptonians. Their culture began exploring other galaxies 18,000 years ago and even set up colonial outposts on other planets. However, the Kryptonians abandoned their colonies and began genetic cultivation, artificially engineering newborns for pre-determined roles in society. As a result, the planet's resources became exhausted."

"Destruction "Krypton itself soon followed. Vast tectonic plates buckled, venting mountainous sheets of glowing ejecta into the upper atmosphere and beyond. Continents crumbled and seas boiled over, as the planet’s contaminated core built to a critical mass. A series of global detonations overcame the tremendous gravity that held the planet together. And then Krypton blew apart in a final, apocalyptic paroxysm that could be seen from light-years away. Doomsday had come." ―Krypton is destroyed[src]"

"Krypton was doomed to destruction as a result of its inhabitants' careless mining of the planet's core, accelerating a forthcoming seismic implosion. Jor-El attempted to warn the governing council of their mistake, but at the same time, General Zod attempted a coup d'état, starting the Kryptonian Civil War. Jor-El used the distraction to infuse the Growth Codex of Krypton into the cells of his son, in hopes of preserving the Kryptonian race, before sending his son to Earth. Enraged, Zod killed El, but was arrested by the Sapphire Guards shortly thereafter."

"He and his followers were then banished to the Phantom Zone for 300 years, shortly before the planet imploded in 1980, leading the Kryptonians to be endangered. This caused General Zod and his followers to be freed from the Phantom Zone thereafter due to the shock wave."

"Krypton is portrayed as having had an Earth-like terrain composed of canyons and oceans. Its gravity was much greater than that of Earth, and its atmospheric composition differed to the extent of being unsuitable for humans. Krypton featured many cities that were towering metropolitan areas surrounded by walls and towers."

"The planet was tidally locked to its star, creating a limited sweet spot where life could form while the rest of the planet was forever untouched by the light of Rao. This means the Kryptonians didn't have a night cycle, as Rao was always in the same place in the sky."

"The wildlife included the great Rondor, considered the king of the wild. Another notorious species were Kryptonian War Kites, genetically created through the mixing of many Krypton species, including an extinct marine creature. By the time of the Kryptonian Civil War, only domesticated life forms remained on Krypton."

"Faora-Ul is known as "Tigress of Zod", thus indicating that Krypton is inhabited by tiger-like creatures. Krypton also had Earth-like lizards, insects, snakes and birds, such as the Blood morals. The planet is orbited by four moons, including the destroyed Wegthor."

Then based from the website "dragonball.fandom" states this: "Saiyans (サイヤ人じん Saiya-jin) are a race of extraterrestrials in the Dragon Ball anime and manga and its adaptive sequels, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. In the series, the Saiyans from Universe 7 are a naturally aggressive warrior race who were supposedly striving to be the strongest in the universe, while the Saiyans from Universe 6 are protectors. Nearly all of the Saiyans from Universe 7 were obliterated by Frieza before the start of the Dragon Ball series. The Saiyans play a central role in the series once it is revealed that the protagonist, Goku, is actually a Saiyan sent to conquer Earth."

Homeworld: "The homeworld of the Saiyans is Planet Sadala. The planet has a natural gravity that is ten times that of Earth, which helps give Saiyans a greater natural strength than most races. In Universe 7, the Saiyans lived here but their planet got destroyed by internal discord; in Universe 6, the planet still exists. In Universe 7, Planet Plant is conquered by the Saiyans after the defeat of the Tuffles, and they renamed it "Planet Vegeta" after their most powerful warrior and ruler, King Vegeta."

"At some point, Planet Vegeta was visited by the God of Destruction Beerus, who ultimately deemed the Saiyans as a savage race with no chance of improving (or more accurately he felt that they were just annoying). He ultimately ordered Frieza to destroy the planet and the entire Saiyan race, who was of a similar mind set as he came to see the Saiyan race as potentially posing a threat to his tyranny. To which, the tyrant went to the planet and completely obliterated them from space, wiping out all but a small group of Saiyans."

Ancient Saiyans: "Ancient Saiyans (alternatively known as Prehistoric Saiyans) existed long ago. Aside from time travelers, none still exist in the modern time. They possess ki completely different from their modern day counterparts, but like them can transform into the Great Ape, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 forms. Most of these Saiyans were evil, the most notable being Cumber, who displayed the unique "Evil Aura" and as an extension of this, their golden-haired Super Saiyan forms possessed differences to modern Saiyans and they were capable of drawing out the full power of Super Saiyan 3."

"A subspecies of ancient Saiyans were the "Super Saiyan God race", born from the original Super Saiyan God. Good ancient Saiyans are referred to as "the defeated" by Giblet due to them having been defeated and killed by evil Saiyans. They possess the potential to become Super Saiyan Gods. In Dragon Ball Legends, the Tournament of Time was masterminded and created by Zahha to complete the Omnificence Crystal (a failed prototype Super Dragon Ball) by placing the two fragments that make up the crystal inside the Super Saiyan God race twins Shallot and Giblet, then have them become Super Saiyan Gods so he could manipulate them into fighting in an epic "battle of Super Saiyan Gods".

"In addition to being able to achieve Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, and Super Saiyan God, Shallot has shown the ability to power-up via rage which temporarily causes him to produce the image of a Great Ape in his aura and pupils to briefly turn red. Shallot also exhibits a heightened sense of smell superior to even that of modern Saiyans like Goku and Broly, as Shallot's nose can even determine someone's power level via their scent alone. Additionally Shallot's sense of smell allows him to track those that lack ki signatures such as Red Ribbon Androids via their scent."

"Additionally, Shallot was able to learn Ki Sense on his first try after just a little instruction from Gohan (Kid). Both Giblet and Shallot reveal that they and the members of their subspecies of Ancient Saiyan, fought the Evil Ancient Saiyans who had fallen from the "true Saiyan way" that Yamoshi, the Original Super Saiyan God, Giblet, and Shallot had fought to restore, though ultimately failed due to the Evil Ancient Saiyans wiping them all out thus revealing that the evil Modern Saiyans of Universe 7 are the result of them inheriting the brutal ways of their Evil Ancient Saiyan ancestors."

Modern Saiyans: The modern Saiyans are descended from the evil ancient Saiyans who killed the Original Super Saiyan God and historically wiped out the Super Saiyan God subspecies of Ancient Saiyan. The Saiyans who eventually joined the Frieza Force were the Saiyans who moved from Planet Sadala to Planet Vegeta, nearly all of them were wiped out by Frieza - leaving only a handful remaining."

"These Saiyans have displayed the ability to take on any Saiyan form aside from the full power Super Saiyan 3 and those exclusive to the Legendary Saiyan. Modern Saiyans are referred to as "the tainted" by Giblet due to possessing the blood of the evil Saiyans. Giblet also refers to modern Saiyans of Universe 6 & Universe 7 as Neo Saiyans though is seemingly ignorant that Universe 6 Saiyans are different from modern Saiyans of Universe 7, due to the Mastermind's manipulation."

Origins: "The Saiyans are a fighting race who, since ancient times, have lived a violent and inhumane lifestyle, where they attack numerous planets to build up wealth and goods. Dragon Ball GT: Perfect File speculates that Saiyans were originally Great Apes who gained intelligence and took on a humanoid form. As noted by Whis, "ancient Saiyans" possess different ki from the ones in the present time."

"The previous Super Saiyan appeared approximately 1,000 years (3,000 in the Ocean Group dubs) prior to the Frieza Saga, approximately 238 Before Age, and is described by Vegeta as a Super Saiyan who could only retain his status in the transformed state. As per the story of the Super Saiyan God told from the Namekian Book of Legends, this Saiyan was an individual with a noble heart, and along some of his comrades, tried to stop their evil fellow Saiyans. However, he couldn't achieve his goal and perished."

"In the legend, Yamoshi appeared to have lost control and gave in to his destructive primitive desires, destroying himself with his own power, in actuality Yamoshi was killed by the evil Saiyans. The good Saiyans and evil Saiyans were in conflict for a long time, with the good Saiyans only ever managing to get one victory to their name, eventually the evil Saiyans wiped out the good Saiyans, and thus all modern day Saiyans are descended from them."

"At some point in the era of the conflict between good and evil Saiyans, Cumber fought for the evil Saiyans side, and seemingly encountered a Super Saiyan God - however Cumber was whisked away from the conflict and brought to the future by Fu as part of his plans. Similarly, Shallot and Giblet were among those who fought on the good Saiyans side, but were taken from their rightful time to participate in the Tournament of Time."

"A small group of Saiyans eventually found their way to Planet Plant in Age 550, and the history of the Saiyans predating their conflict with the Tuffles was revealed in the anime, where it is discussed heavily during the Vegeta Saga, as well as in the OVA Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans. It is also a central theme in the Baby Saga of Dragon Ball GT. GT Perfect Files speculate the launching point of the Saiyan's spaceships as being the Saiyans' true homeland itself."

"During the Vegeta Saga of Dragon Ball Z, King Kai describes the Saiyans as a group of barbaric aliens who shared a planet with a race known as the Tuffles. The Saiyans lived in the arid wastelands, while the Tuffles lived in great cities, employing advanced technology. Eventually the Saiyans attacked, vowing to conquer the Tuffle's great cities and extinguish the race. This sparked a ten year long war (described in greater detail below). It is revealed in Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans that when the Saiyans arrived on Planet Plant, they were welcomed by the Tuffles."

"The Tuffle survivor, Dr. Lychee, then describes the horrors of the war in a similar fashion to the one King Kai tells. However whilst explaining, Vegeta states the Tuffles used the Saiyan race as slaves. During the Baby Saga of Dragon Ball GT, Baby described the history of the Saiyans war with the Tuffles in a different manner. He states that the Saiyans first arrived in mysterious space-pods and attacked the Tuffles in cold blood. He states they were led by Vegeta's father, and upon the rising of the full moon, the Saiyans assumed their Great Ape transformations, completely wiping out the Tuffle race in a single night.

Occupation by Frieza: "In Universe 7, according to Akira Toriyama, the Saiyans joined the Frieza Force when it was still under the command of King Cold, while according to Daizenshuu 7 around Age 731, about a year following the Saiyan victory over the Tuffles, the planet was conquered or annexed by Frieza's empire and the Saiyans (like many other races) were drafted to serve as soldiers in Frieza's military."

"Due to the Saiyans' innate strength and penchant for violence, they were considered to be useful mercenaries and assisted in the conquering of many planets, or if assignment called for, eradication of the planet's population (even Saiyan children were considered powerful enough to conquer some of the weaker planets, such as Earth)."

"Eventually, seeing how quickly some of the more gifted Saiyan warriors were gaining power through battle, around Age 735, Frieza grew concerned with the potential of the Saiyan race and thought that they would grow strong enough to face him or even become the fabled Super Saiyans, able to defeat him in battle. In Age 737, a Saiyan scientist develops the Saibamen using biotechnology and those creatures make their way into the Galactic Frieza Army through the Saiyans."

"Soon, in Age 739 (2 years after Kakarot was born), the maniacal warlord Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, nearly eradicating the Saiyan race. There were only a few thousand Saiyans on the planet. As a warrior race, it would be difficult to increase their numbers (presumably, though left unsaid, because they would war with each other over superiority)."

"The manga reveals only four pure-blood Saiyans who have survived the destruction: Kakarot (Goku), Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz as they were not on the planet at the time. Once the latter three discovered that their planet was destroyed, Frieza lied to them that an asteroid had hit their world, and offered them continued employment in return for eventual wealth."

"Over two decades later, the Saiyans were finally avenged when Goku defeated Frieza on planet Namek. Frieza later met his first death on Earth a year later, when Future Trunks killed him. In the Dragon Ball Z movies only, three more Saiyans survived the catastrophe: Turles, Broly and Paragus. In the manga and special Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!, Vegeta's brother Tarble is shown as another survivor. In the manga Nekomajin Z, Onio appears. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Broly and Paragus are revealed to have survived. Two unnamed mid-class Saiyans are also shown to have survived the genocide, as they were on the same mission with Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz when Planet Vegeta was destroyed."

(This is basically the eradication of the inhabitants of Mars......)

Now, let's going into detail about the "Saiyan and truffle war", as this is based on the "Titanomachy". Based from the website "" states this: "The Saiyan-Tuffle war is the name given to the ten-year-long civil war waged by the Saiyans and the Tuffles over control of Planet Plant."

Saiyan Arrival: "The Tuffles, a very peaceful, yet technologically advanced race shared their planet with a very primitive, barbaric race known as the Saiyans. In the Dragon Ball GT: Perfect File and the Super Exciting Guides, as well as different information revealed by Baby, King Kai and Vegeta, it is revealed that the Saiyans themselves actually originated on the original Saiyan homeworld. By unknown means, the Saiyans either acquired or built many spaceships which brought them to the Tuffle home world."

"It is explained by King Kai, and later by Baby, that the Tuffles had used their technological skills to construct and live in great cities. However, King Kai states that the Saiyans on the other hand, lived in small primitive villages in the outskirts and badlands of Plant."

"He also explains that although they shared the same planet, the two races rarely confronted each other and stayed relatively peaceful for many years. However, after a while, the Saiyans began to grow tired of living in filthy primitive villages (as well as allegedly being treated like slaves, from what Vegeta mentioned), and so it was devised that they would start a great war for the planet against the Tuffles."

The Start of War: "Led by the command of the great King Vegeta, the Saiyans, using their great power and brute strength, attacked the Tuffles. Although physically the Tuffles were much weaker and smaller than the Saiyans, they had advanced weaponry and technologies at their disposal. As the war waged on both the Saiyans and the Tuffles each won their fair share of battles, and for the next ten years, the horrible war waged on."

The Tide Turns: "As the war continued with no end in sight, something occurred that brought the conflict to a quick and violent end. When a full-moon appeared on Planet Plant, something that only happened every 100 years on the planet (seven to eight years in the original English dub), the Saiyans transformed into Great Apes. This transformation greatly increased their power, and within a few short hours, they completely annihilated the Tuffles from the face of the planet, thus ending the war. The Saiyans then claimed the planet as their own, and it was renamed Planet Vegeta after their great leader who had led them to victory."

Saiyan Expansions: "Over the next few years, the Saiyans began rebuilding and constructing their empire. King Kai explained that there was a problem, with the Tuffles gone, they had no one to battle but each other, they built a spaceship and visited a planet called Arcose, home of the Arcosian race. The Arcosians had great wealth and technology, and were apparently members of the Frieza Force. However, their planet was not suitable, so they hired a group of Saiyans to attack and take over a new one for them in exchange for money and technology."

"Not too long after, they met the galactic dictator Frieza, who then annexed the planet and forcefully drafted all Saiyans into his army. After seeing the Saiyans will to fight and their great power, he made them his official pirates, and had them take over entire planets so that they could be sold to the highest bidder."

"This continued for many years until Frieza began to grow wary of the Saiyans' ever growing power, and feared that one day a Saiyan would arise that would be strong enough to challenge him. So in Age 737 after being ordered by Beerus himself, with one devastating attack, Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta, taking almost all of the Saiyan race with it, with the exception of a very select few (only Goku, Raditz, Vegeta, Nappa, Tarble, Paragus and Broly)."

Even the Movie "Alien v.s. Predator" details a crew going to "Antarctica". Based from the Wiki states this: "Plot In 2004, a satellite detects a mysterious heat bloom beneath Bouvetøya, an island about 1,000 mi (1,600 km) off the coast of Antarctica. Wealthy industrialist Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen) discovers through thermal imaging that there is a pyramid buried 2,000 ft (610 m) beneath the ice. He attempts to claim it for his multinational communications company, Weyland Industries, a subsidiary of the Weyland Corporation, and assembles a team of experts to investigate. The team includes archaeologists, linguistic experts, drillers, mercenaries, and a guide named Alexa "Lex" Woods (Sanaa Lathan)."

"As a Predator ship reaches Earth's orbit, it fires an energy beam aimed at the pyramid site. When the team arrives at the abandoned whaling station above the heat source, they find a perfectly circular, unnatural tunnel running directly beneath the ice towards the pyramid. Weyland shows the team satellite images showing that the passage was not there 24 hours ago."

"The exploration team descend the tunnel and locate the mysterious pyramid and begin to explore it, soon finding evidence of a prehistoric civilization and what appears to be a sacrificial chamber filled with human skeletons. Inexplicably, all the skeletons appear to have ruptured rib cages. Meanwhile, three Predators – Scar, Celtic and Chopper – arrive and kill the remaining team members on the surface. They make their way down to the pyramid and arrive just as the team unwittingly activates the structure and are trapped within it. The Alien Queen awakes from cryogenic stasis and begins to produce eggs. When the eggs hatch, several facehuggers attach themselves to humans trapped in the sacrificial chamber."

"Chestbursters emerge from the humans and quickly grow into adult Xenomorphs. Conflict erupts between the Predators, Xenomorphs, and humans, resulting in several deaths. Celtic and Chopper are killed by a Xenomorph, and Weyland buys Lex and Italian archaeologist Sebastian De Rosa (Raoul Bova) enough time to escape from Scar, giving his life in the process. The two witness Scar kill a facehugger and a Xenomorph with a shuriken before unmasking and marking himself with the blood of the facehugger. After Lex and Sebastian leave, another facehugger attaches itself to Scar due to him not wearing his mask."

"Through translation of the pyramid's hieroglyphs, Lex and Sebastian learn that the Predators have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. It was they who taught early human civilizations how to build pyramids, and were worshipped as gods. Every 100 years they visit Earth to take part in a rite of passage by which several humans sacrifice themselves as hosts for the Xenomorphs, creating the "ultimate prey" for the Predators to hunt."

"As a fail-safe, if overwhelmed, the Predators would activate a self-destruct device to eliminate the Xenomorphs and themselves. The two deduce that this is why the current Predators are at the pyramid, and that the heat bloom was a ruse to attract humans to the site for the sole purpose of making new Xenomorphs to hunt. Lex and Sebastian decide that the Predators must be allowed to succeed in their hunt so that the Xenomorphs do not escape to the surface. Sebastian is captured by a Xenomorph, leaving only Lex and Scar to fight the Xenomorph. Scar uses parts of a dead Xenomorph to fashion weapons for Lex and the two form an alliance."

"The Xenomorph Queen, using her own acidic blood, is freed from her restraints and, along with the other Xenomorphs, begins pursuing Lex and Scar. Just as they are about to escape, Scar detaches and uses a bomb in his wrist module to destroy the pyramid and the remaining Xenomorphs and eggs. Lex and Scar reach the surface, however the Xenomorph Queen has survived and continues chasing them. They defeat the Queen by hooking her chains to the whaling post's water tank and pushing it over a cliff, dragging her to the ocean floor. Scar, however, was stabbed by the Xenomorph Queen's tail and succumbs to his wounds. A Predator ship uncloaks and several Predators appear."

"They retrieve their fallen comrade and an elder Predator presents Lex with one of their spear weapons as a gift. The other Predators recognize her skill as a warrior by the symbol that Scar burned on her cheek before he died, using alien blood. The Predators' spaceship flies off, leaving Lex behind. Lex walks over to a snowcat and leaves the area. The Predators leave Scar's body on a plinth in front of a window on the ship. Moments later, a Predalien chestburster with Alien and Predator traits erupts from Scar's chest, leading into the events of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem."

Let's observe the "Emerald Tablets" of Thoth. In the Chapter "History of Thoth the Atlantean" states ths segment:

"....Over the world then broke the great waters, drowning and sinking, changing Earth's balance until only the Temple of Light was left standing on the great mountain on UNDAL still rising out of the water; some there were who were living, saved from the rush of the fountains."

"Called to me then the Master, saying: Gather ye together my people. Take them by the arts ye have learned of far across the waters, until ye reach the land of the hairy barbarians, dwelling in caves of the desert. Follow there the plan that ye know of. Gathered I then my people and entered the great ship of the Master. Upward we rose into the morning. Dark beneath us lay the Temple. Suddenly over it rose the waters."

"Vanished from Earth, until the time appointed, was the great Temple. Fast we fled toward the sun of the morning, until beneath us lay the land of the children of KHEM. Raging, they came with cudgels and spears, lifted in anger seeking to slay and utterly destroy the Sons of Atlantis. Then raised I my staff and directed a ray of vibration, striking them still in their tracks as fragments of stone of the mountain."

"Then spoke I to them in words calm and peaceful, telling them of the might of Atlantis, saying we were children of the Sun and its messengers. Cowed I them by my display of magic-science, until at my feet they groveled, when I released them...."

Interesting enough, in Genesis 9:2 states this: “And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.”

Well, were they not afraid of going into the ships, before the coming destruction of the great flood? Why did this passage state this? Do these "beast" mean in the allegorical sense of, coming from space and being feared by the inhabitants of the Earth? In Revelations 12:12 states this: “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” 

It's written down as Michael "warning" the inhabitants of the Earth, on the coming of the Red Dragon and his Angels, as this takes place after the battle on "Mars". So, when Thoth and the Atlanteans had came to the regions called "Egypt", and had met the "cave dwellers" or "Hairy Barbarians", this means that it's based on them landing their Spaceship in the region of "Antarctica". It' shown that Antarctica would be written down as "Egypt" in the "Emerald Tablets", and is the place where Thoth and the Atlanteans had settled. This is the Nommo and Chitauri story.

Then states that they had raised the "Hairy barbarians", meaning the Gods had somehow changed the evolution of the native Earthlings. This is what the show "X-files" is trying to state, on how the "cavemen" had came into contact with an Extraterrestrial race in Antarctica, but the region wasn't originally snow and ice, but probably a tropical environment.

Thus, we unravel the secret of Antarctica........

Based from the Wiki states this from "At the Mountains of Madness":

"At the Mountains of Madness is a science fiction-horror novella by American author H. P. Lovecraft, written in February/March 1931 and rejected that year by Weird Tales editor Farnsworth Wright on the grounds of its length. It was originally serialized in the February, March, and April 1936 issues of Astounding Stories. It has been reproduced in numerous collections."

"The story details the events of a disastrous expedition to Antarctica in September 1930, and what is found there by a group of explorers led by the narrator, Dr. William Dyer of Miskatonic University. Throughout the story, Dyer details a series of previously untold events in the hope of deterring another group of explorers who wish to return to the continent. These events include the discovery of an ancient civilization older than the human race, and realization of Earth's past told through various sculptures and murals."

"The story was inspired by Lovecraft's interest in Antarctic exploration; the continent was still not fully explored in the 1930s. Lovecraft explicitly draws from Edgar Allan Poe's novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, and he may have used other stories for inspiration. Many story elements, such as the formless "shoggoth," recur in other Lovecraft works. The story has been adapted and used for graphic novels, video games, and musical works."

Plot: "The story is narrated in a first-person perspective by the geologist William Dyer, a professor at Arkham's Miskatonic University, in the hope to prevent an important and much publicized scientific expedition to Antarctica. Throughout the course of his explanation, Dyer relates how he led a group of scholars from Miskatonic University on a previous expedition to Antarctica, during which they discovered ancient ruins and a dangerous secret beyond a range of mountains higher than the Himalayas."

"A small advance group, led by Professor Lake, discovers the remains of fourteen prehistoric life-forms previously unknown to science, and also unidentifiable as either plants or animals. Six of the specimens have been badly damaged, while another eight have been preserved in pristine condition. The specimens' stratum places them far too early on the geologic time scale for the features of the specimens to have evolved. Some fossils of Cambrian age show signs of the use of tools to carve a specimen for food. When the main expedition loses contact with Lake's party, Dyer and his colleagues investigate."

"Lake's camp is devastated, with the majority of men and dogs slaughtered, while a man named Gedney and one of the dogs are absent. Near the expedition's campsite, they find six star-shaped snow mounds with one specimen under each. They also discover that the better preserved life-forms have vanished, and that some form of dissection experiment has been done on both an unnamed man and a dog."

"The missing man Gedney is suspected of having gone utterly insane and having killed and mutilated all the others. Dyer and a graduate student named Danforth fly an aeroplane across the mountains, which they identify as the outer walls of a vast, abandoned stone city, alien to any human architecture. For their resemblance to creatures of myth mentioned in the Necronomicon, the builders of this lost civilization are dubbed the "Elder Things."

"By exploring these fantastic structures, the men learn through hieroglyphic murals that the Elder Things first came to Earth shortly after the Moon took form, and built their cities with the help of "shoggoths"—biological entities created to perform any task, assume any form, and reflect any thought. There is a hint that all Earthly life evolved from cellular material left over from the creation of the shoggoths."

"As more buildings are explored, the explorers learn about the Elder Things' conflict with both the Star-spawn of Cthulhu and the Mi-Go, who arrived on Earth shortly afterwards. The images also reflect a degradation of their civilization, once the shoggoths gain independence."

"As more resources are applied in maintaining order, the etchings become haphazard and primitive. The murals also allude to an unnamed evil lurking within an even larger mountain range located beyond the city. This mountain range rose in one night and certain phenomena and incidents deterred the Elder Things from exploring it."

"When Antarctica became uninhabitable, even for the Elder Things, they soon migrated into a large, subterranean ocean. Dyer and Danforth eventually realize that the Elder Things missing from the advance party's camp had somehow returned to life and, after slaughtering the explorers, have returned to their city."

"Dyer and Danforth also discover traces of the Elder Things' earlier exploration, as well as sleds containing the corpses of both Gedney and his missing dog. They are ultimately drawn towards the entrance of a tunnel, into the subterranean region depicted in the murals."

"Here, they find evidence of various Elder Things killed in a brutal struggle and blind six-foot-tall penguins wandering placidly, apparently used as livestock. They are then confronted by a black, bubbling mass, which they identify as a shoggoth, and escape."

"Aboard the plane, high above the plateau, Danforth looks back and sees something which causes him to go insane, implied to be the unnamed evil itself. Dyer concludes the Elder Things are survivors of a bygone era, who slaughtered Lake's group only in self-defense or scientific curiosity. Their civilization was eventually destroyed by the shoggoths, which now prey on the enormous penguins. He warns the planners of the next proposed Antarctic expedition to stay away from the site."

Then based from the wiki states on the creatures called "Elder Things": "The Elder Things (also known as the Old Ones and Elder Ones) are fictional extraterrestrials in the Cthulhu Mythos. The beings first appeared in H. P. Lovecraft's novella, At the Mountains of Madness (published in 1936, but written in 1931), and later appeared, although not named, in the short story "The Dreams in the Witch-House" (1933). Additional references to the Elder Things appear in Lovecraft's short story "The Shadow Out of Time" (1936)."

"Description of a partial headless body: Six feet end to end, three and five-tenths feet central diameter, tapering to one foot at each end. Like a barrel with five bulging ridges in place of staves. Lateral breakages, as of thinnish stalks, are at equator in middle of these ridges. In furrows between ridges are curious growths—combs or wings that fold up and spread out like fans ... which gives almost seven-foot wing spread. Arrangement reminds one of certain monsters of primal myth, especially fabled Elder Things in the Necronomicon. —H. P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness"

"In the Mythos canon, the Elder Things are the first extraterrestrial species to come to the Earth, colonizing the planet about one billion years ago. They stand roughly eight feet tall and have the appearance of a huge, oval-shaped barrel with starfish-like appendages at both ends. The top appendage is a head adorned with five eyes, five eating tubes, and a set of cilia for "seeing" without light. The bottom appendage was five-limbed and was used for walking and other forms of locomotion."

'The beings also had five leathery, fan-like retractable wings and five sets of branching tentacles that sprouted from their torsos. Both their tentacles and the slits housing their folded wings were spaced at regular intervals about their bodies. Lovecraft described the Elder Things as vegetable-like or echinoderm-like in shape, having radial symmetry instead of the bilateral symmetry of bipeds. They also differ in that they have a five-lobed brain. The Elder Things exhibit vegetable and animal characteristics and reproduce via spores."

"Academic John L. Steadman describes the ambiguity over their classification as contributing to their creepiness. They are carnivorous by preference and amphibious. The Elder Things can withstand the pressures of the deepest ocean, interstellar travel, and can hibernate for vast epochs of time. Few die except by accident or violence."

"Nonetheless, unlike many of Lovecraft's fictional creations, the Elder Things are described as made of normal, terrestrial matter. Their society is alien, and their motivations are unfathomable to humans. However, a human scientist in At the Mountains of Madness recognizes them as fellow scientists, not monsters. Their science was extremely advanced, and they are depicted as having potentially created life on Earth."

"Their primary achievement is the creation of a servitor race, the shoggoths, upon which they become increasingly dependent. Although they initially colonize the entirety of Earth, successive wars over millions of years with the Great Race of Yith, the Star-spawn of Cthulhu, the Mi-go, and a rebellion by the Shoggoths weaken them. Radical climate change eventually forces them to abandon most of their great cities."

"The final fate of the Elder Things is explicitly unclear, and the human scientists in the story openly speculate that hidden undersea cities may still survive in some places. In "The Dreams in the Witch-House", the central character is sent through a dimensional portal to a planet in a triple star system located "between Hydra and Argo Navis", which is populated by Elder Things."

Then based on the wiki states on the "Shoggoth": "A shoggoth (occasionally shaggoth) is a fictional monster in the Cthulhu Mythos. The beings were mentioned in passing in H. P. Lovecraft's sonnet cycle Fungi from Yuggoth (1929–30) and later described in detail in his novella At the Mountains of Madness."

"It was a terrible, indescribable thing vaster than any subway train—a shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-luminous, and with myriads of temporary eyes forming and un-forming as pustules of greenish light all over the tunnel-filling front that bore down upon us, crushing the frantic penguins and slithering over the glistening floor that it and its kind had swept so evilly free of all litter. — H. P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness"

"The definitive descriptions of shoggoths come from the above-quoted story. In it, Lovecraft describes them as massive amoeba-like creatures made out of iridescent black slime, with multiple eyes "floating" on the surface. They are "protoplasmic", lacking any default body shape and instead being able to form limbs and organs at will. A typical shoggoth measures 15 feet across when a sphere, though the story mentions the existence of others of much greater size. Being amorphous, shoggoths can take on any shape needed, making them very versatile within aquatic environments."

"Cthulhu Mythos media most commonly portray shoggoths as intelligent to some degree, but deal with problems using only their great size and strength. The shoggoth that appears in At the Mountains of Madness simply rolls over and crushes numerous giant penguins that are in its way as it pursues human characters. The character Abdul Alhazred is terrified by the mere idea of shoggoths' existence on Earth. The shoggoths bear a strong physical resemblance to Ubbo-Sathla, a god-like entity supposedly responsible for the origin of life on Earth."

"At the Mountains of Madness includes a detailed account of the circumstances of the shoggoths' creation by the extraterrestrial Elder Things. Shoggoths were initially used to build the cities of their masters. Though able to "understand" the Elder Things' language, shoggoths had no real consciousness and were controlled through hypnotic suggestion. Over millions of years of existence, some shoggoths mutated, developed independent minds, and rebelled."

"The Elder Things succeeded in quelling the insurrection, but exterminating the shoggoths was not an option as the Elder Things were dependent on them for labor. Shoggoths also developed the ability to survive on land, while the Elder Things retreated to the oceans. Shoggoths that remained alive in the abandoned Elder Thing city in Antarctica would later imitate their masters' art and voices, endlessly repeating "Tekeli-li" or "Takkeli", a cry that their old masters used"

(It seems that the Shoggoth resembles the "Thing", and the living "Black goo"..........)

This is where the creature from "The Thing" is based on. Here is what the 2011 Movie states: "The Thing (2011 film) In the winter of 1982, an alien spacecraft and nearby alien body are discovered buried in Antarctic ice by members of Norwegian research station "Thule". American paleontologist Kate Lloyd is recruited by Dr. Sander Halvorson and assistant Adam Finch to investigate. They fly to Thule in a helicopter with pilots Sam Carter and Derek Jameson, and crewman Griggs. They meet station chief Edvard Wolner, Juliette, Karl, Jonas, Henrik, Colin, Peder, Lars, and Lars' dog."

"The body is excavated in a block of ice, and brought to a storage area of the Station where, against Kate's advice, Halvorson has a drill penetrate the ice and remove a sample of the alien. Later, after the scientists have left the block alone, Jameson enters the storage area alone, sees the alien burst from the ice block. The station members search the camp for the alien, and finds Lars' dog dead. The alien drags Henrik into itself, spattering blood on Olav. The group kills the alien with a gas tank and flare. An autopsy finds what appears to Henrik's body inside the alien, and a titanium brace that had been used to repair Henrik's arm after a previous injury. Oddly, the brace was found outside of Henrik's arm."

'They also find that cells of the alien, When observed under a microscope, absorb human cells, and then alter their appearance to look identical to human cells. The next morning, Griggs and Olav prepare to leave on a helicopter flown by Jameson and Carter. As the helicopter takes off, Kate discovers dental fillings in a bloodied shower. Remembering the titanium brace and her observation of the alien cells, she realizes that the alien is among them, and hiding its appearance. Hurriedly flagging down the helicopter, Kate gets the pilots' attention. Before they can land, Griggs transforms into a monstrous creature and attacks Olav, and the helicopter crashes in the mountains."

"Edvard orders the team to drive to the closest base, however Juliette and Kate want to prevent anyone from leaving. Juliette lures Kate into an abandoned room before transforming and attacking her. Kate escapes and the Juliette-Thing kills Karl. Lars kills the Juliette-Thing with a flamethrower and the team resolve to quarantine themselves until the threat is eliminated. That night, Carter and Jameson stagger back from the crashed helicopter. Suspected to be alien, they are imprisoned in isolation. As the alien does not assimilate inorganic material, Kate proposes everyone be checked for dental fillings."

"The test implicates Sander, Edvard, Adam, and Colin, who have no fillings. Lars is abducted while going to fetch Carter and Jameson for testing. Carter and Jameson break into the main building, shooting Peder dead and puncturing his flamethrower's tank, causing an explosion knocking Edvard unconscious. When brought to the main room, Edvard violently transforms, infects Jonas and Jameson, and gruesomely assimilates Adam."

"Kate burns Jonas and Jameson before they can fully transform, then she and Carter pursue the Thing, which now has the appearance of the 2 fused bodies of Adam and Edvard. Kate burns the alien, but not before it assimilates Sander. The Sander-Thing drives off into the night, towards the spaceship. Kate and Carter pursue Sander, leaving the Adam-Edvard assimilated thing outside one of the huts of the station, where it will be found by Macready and Dr. Copper."

"Kate and Carter reach the spacecraft, which suddenly activates, opening up large vanes on its surface. Kate falls into the ship, and confronts the Sander-Thing. She kills the alien with a grenade which shuts down the ship's engines. Carter finds Kate, and the 2 reach the surface, Kate notices that Carter is missing his earring. When Carter indicates the wrong ear, Kate burns him, then shelters in a snowcat."

"Kate is last shown in the cab of the vehicle, its engine running, but unmoving. It is left for the viewer to decide her fate. The next morning, Thule's helicopter and pilot Matias return. Matias views the ruined station and the husk of the Edvard-Adam-Thing with horror. Colin has committed suicide, and a paranoid Lars demands at gunpoint that Matias show his teeth. Lars' dog, thought dead, emerges and runs away. Realising that the dog is actually a Thing, Lars orders Matias to give chase in the helicopter."

The Shoggoth from H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountain of Madness", is where the creature from "The Thing", is based on.....

Remember the Spaceship Pilot that was supposed to be in the 2011 Movie of "The Thing"? This is what the true depiction of this Alien, before being "nixed". This is the Elder thing version for the 2011 movie, but also they would be similar tothe Space Jockey in the first Alien movie, as deemed the Collectors.

It seems that the theme of the beings crashing in Antarctica has connections to the movie "Prometheus", "X-files: fight for the future", "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull", and others. The story line of each pertains to H.P. Lovecraft's "At the mountains of madness". Here is an excerpt from the wiki on Prometheus:

"Above a waterfall, a humanoid alien consumes a dark liquid, and a hovering spacecraft departs. After drinking the liquid the alien starts to disintegrate. The bodily remains fall into the waterfall below and the alien’s DNA triggers a biogenetic chain reaction. In 2089, archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover a star map in Scotland that matches others from several unconnected ancient cultures."

"They interpret this as an invitation from humanity's forerunners, the "Engineers". Peter Weyland, the elderly CEO of Weyland Corporation, funds an expedition, aboard the scientific vessel Prometheus, to follow the map to the distant moon LV-223. The ship's crew travels in stasis while the android David monitors their voyage."

"Arriving in December 2093, mission-director Meredith Vickers informs them of their mission to find the Engineers and not to make contact without her permission. The Prometheus lands on the barren, mountainous surface near a large, artificial structure, which a team explores. Inside, they find stone cylinders, a monolithic statue of a humanoid head, and the decapitated corpse of a large alien, thought to be an Engineer; Shaw recovers its head. The crew finds other bodies, leading them to surmise that the species is extinct."

"Crew members Millburn and Fifield grow uncomfortable with the discoveries and attempt to return to Prometheus, but become stranded in the structure when they get lost. The expedition is cut short when a storm forces the crew to return to the ship. David secretly takes a cylinder from the structure, while the remaining cylinders begin leaking a dark liquid."

"In the ship's lab, the Engineer's DNA is found to match that of humans. David investigates the cylinder and the liquid inside. He intentionally taints a drink with the liquid and gives it to the unsuspecting Holloway, who had stated he would do anything for answers."

"Shortly after, Shaw and Holloway have sex. Inside the structure, a snake-like creature kills Millburn and sprays a corrosive fluid that melts Fifield's helmet. Fifield falls face-first into a puddle of dark liquid. When the crew returns, they find Millburn's corpse. David separately discovers a control room containing a surviving Engineer in stasis and a large 3D holographic star map highlighting Earth."

"Meanwhile, Holloway sickens rapidly. He is rushed back to Prometheus, but Vickers refuses to let him aboard and, at his urging, burns him to death with a flamethrower. Later, a medical scan reveals that Shaw, despite being previously infertile, is now in advanced pregnancy. Fearing the worst, she uses an automated surgery table to extract a squid-like creature from her abdomen."

"Shaw then discovers that Weyland has been in stasis aboard Prometheus. He explains that he wants to ask the Engineers how to prevent his death from old age. As Weyland prepares to leave for the structure, Vickers addresses him as "Father". A monstrous, mutated Fifield returns to the Prometheus and kills several crew members before he is killed."

"The Prometheus' captain, Janek, speculates that the structure was an Engineer military base that lost control of a virulent biological weapon, the dark liquid. He also determines that the structure houses a spacecraft. Weyland and a team return to the structure, accompanied by Shaw. David wakes the Engineer from stasis and speaks to him in Proto-Indo-European to try to explain what Weyland wants. The Engineer responds by decapitating David and killing Weyland and his team, before reactivating the spacecraft."

"Shaw flees and warns Janek that the Engineer is planning to release the liquid on Earth, convincing him to stop the spacecraft. Janek and the remaining crew sacrifice themselves by ramming the Prometheus into the alien craft, ejecting the lifeboat in the process while Vickers flees in an escape pod. The Engineer's disabled spacecraft crashes onto the ground, killing Vickers. Shaw goes to the lifeboat and finds her alien offspring is alive and has grown to gigantic size. David's still-active head warns Shaw that the Engineer is pursuing her. The Engineer forces open the lifeboat's airlock and attacks Shaw, who releases her alien offspring onto the Engineer."

"It thrusts an ovipositor down the Engineer's throat, subduing him. Shaw recovers David's remains and, with his help, launches another Engineer spacecraft. She intends to reach the Engineers' homeworld in an attempt to understand why they wanted to destroy humanity. In the lifeboat, an alien creature bursts out of the Engineer's chest."

Then the Thing creature can also be called "The Flood", based from the popular vidoe game "Halo". Here is an excerpt from the wiki:

"The Flood is a fictional parasitic alien lifeform and one of the primary antagonists in the Halo multimedia franchise. First introduced in the 2001 video game Halo: Combat Evolved, it returns in later entries in the series such as Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo Wars. The Flood is driven by a desire to infect any sentient life of sufficient size; Flood-infected creatures, also called Flood, in turn can infect other hosts."

"The parasite is depicted as such a threat that the ancient Forerunners constructed artificial ringworld superweapons known as Halos to contain it and, as a last resort, to kill all sentient life in the galaxy in an effort to stop the Flood's spread by starving it...."

"The Flood is depicted as a parasitic organism that infects any sentient life of sufficient size. The largest self-contained form that the Flood can produce itself without using other biomass is an "infection form". These forms seeks hosts, living or dead, and attempt to drive sharp spines into the host and thereby tap into the nervous system. The host is incapacitated while the infection form burrows into the host's body and begins the mutation process, bringing the host under Flood control."

"Depending on the size or condition of the body, the infection form mutates the hapless host into various specialized forms in the continual drive for more food. Larger hosts are turned into forms for combat, growing long whip-like tentacles, while mangled and disused hosts are turned into incubators for more infection forms. The Flood also creates forms known as "key minds" to coordinate the Flood; these include the apex of Flood evolution, known as "Graveminds".

This setting is based on the same theme of "Antarctica". It seems that the "Elder Things" that came to Antarctica (Thoth and the Atlanteans), can connect to the "Space Jockey". Here is an excerpt from the website:

"Space Jockey (or simply "The Pilot") is the nickname given to a type of extraterrestrial life form from the Alien series of movies and games. Aliens director James Cameron also called the creature the "Big Dental Patient". These large biomechanical creatures may be the first victims of the Xenomorphs (also seen in the Alien series) and perhaps also their creators."

"Their discovery was made in the first Alien movie, when the commercial starship Nostromo set down on the unsurveyed moon LV-426 in response to a signal interpreted as a distress call. The crew found a wrecked derelict spacecraft with a dead lifeform inside, apparently its pilot. Individual Space Jockeys have been observed to vary in appearance as well as abilities."

"The Alien production team, without having a proper technical term to go by, nicknamed the creature found aboard the Derelict ship "The Space Jockey". H.R. Giger, who was designer of The Derelict and of the Space Jockey, as well as the Xenomorph, originally had named it "The Pilot". The greatest amount of said information can be found in the game Aliens versus Predator 2, in which the species is collectively referred to as Pilot (in contrast to Human, Alien, or Predator). In Steve Perry's book Earth Hive the Space Jockey's race are referred to as collectors as they collect Xenomorph eggs."

"One is seen later on in the book and is referred to by several different names (spacer, elephant man, elephant-like creature, alien creature…) Most recently, in the novel Aliens: Original Sin by Michael Friedman, the Pilot race is referred to as the Mala'kak. It is also still referred sometimes to though as the Pilot, or the Pilot's people."

"In the novel Aliens: Steel Egg, they are referred to by themselves as the Giff (the "G" pronounced as in "gorilla," not "ginger"). The exobiologist Eli Reynolds, skeptical that the "Giff" sound was the name of the species when, for all they knew, it could have been the equivalent of a cough, also renamed them "Eloids," after himself."

The "Space jockey" and the Engineers are pretty much the same beings, but with different looks compared to the more recent changes.

Based from the Wiki on "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", states this:

Plot: "In 1957, Soviet KGB agents working under Irina Spalko kidnap Indiana Jones and his partner George 'Mac' Michale. The Soviets infiltrate a secret government warehouse, located in Nevada, labeled "Hangar 51", and force Jones to locate a mummified corpse from the Roswell UFO incident, which he was forced to work on ten years earlier. Shortly after retrieving the corpse, Mac reveals he has become a double agent on the KGB’s payroll. Jones unsuccessfully attempts to steal the body, and fights with Spalko's henchman Dovchenko, before escaping to a nearby model town right before an atomic bomb test"

"He takes shelter in a lead-lined refrigerator, and FBI agents eventually rescue, decontaminate, and interrogate him, suspecting him of working for the Soviets. Though eventually freed, Jones is put on an indefinite leave of absence from Marshall College, and dean Charles Stanforth resigns to spare Jones from being fired."

"Greaser Mutt Williams approaches Jones, notifying him that Jones’ former colleague, Professor Harold Oxley, found a crystal skull in Peru, but has since been kidnapped along with Mutt's mother, Marion, who went after him. Jones tells Mutt of the legend of crystal skulls found in Akator, and Mutt gives Jones a letter from his mother, which contains a riddle from Oxley in an ancient language."

"Two Soviet agents attempt to capture them, but Jones and Mutt escape and, following the riddle's meaning, reach Peru. At the local psychiatric hospital, carvings on the walls and floor of Oxley's cell lead them to the grave of Francisco de Orellana, a Conquistador who searched for Akator. They find the skull at the grave, and Jones reasons that Oxley had returned it there."

"While the two are departing the tomb, Mac and the Soviets take them hostage and deliver them to the Soviet camp in the Amazon jungle. There, the pair find an addled Oxley and Marion, who is actually Marion Ravenwood, an old partner of Jones’; she reveals to Jones that Mutt is his son. Spalko believes the crystal skull belongs to an alien life form that holds great psychic power."

"Finding more skulls in Akator will grant the Soviet Union the ability to control the world via telepathy. Jones realizes that Oxley is attempting to communicate through automatic writing, and locates a route to Akator. The next day, while en route to the ancient city, Jones and his team fight their way out of the KGB's clutches, with Dovchenko being devoured by a swarm of army ants. Mac informs Jones he is a CIA double agent."

"After surviving three waterfalls in an amphibious vehicle, Jones and Oxley identify a skull-like rock formation that leads them to Akator, unaware that Mac lied about being a CIA agent and has been dropping transceivers to allow the surviving Soviets to track them. Jones's team evades the city's guardians, gains access to the temple, and finds it filled with artifacts from many ancient civilizations. They realize the aliens are "archaeologists" studying the different cultures of Earth. They find and enter a chamber containing thirteen crystal skeletons, one of which is missing its skull."

"When Spalko arrives and replaces the skull, the skeletons telepathically offer to give a reward to the group, using Oxley as a translator. She demands simply, "I want to know everything"; the aliens reanimate and transfer an overwhelming amount of knowledge into her mind, killing her. A portal to their dimension is activated, and Mac and all of the remaining Soviets are drawn in, while Jones and his team escape."

"As the city crumbles, a flying saucer rises from the ruins and departs for another dimension, and the waters of the Amazon flood the hollow left by its takeoff. The following year, Jones is reinstated at Marshall College as its associate dean, and marries Marion, with Oxley, who has regained his sanity, and Mutt as witnesses."

(Hangar 51, is basically "Area 51". When Indiana Jones and the crew find the hidden location in Peru, it turns out that it's a "spaceship" hidden below the great Temple. This story can strangely pertain to the Aliens crash landing, in the regions of Antarctica. Both the story line of "At the Mountain of Madness" on the "Elder things" and the Alien from the "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", all details them to be "Scientist".)