Now, the term “witchcraft” means manipulation of energy, and there are many different forms of witchcraft attacks that is used in today’s society. This means a person or a group can control another’s energy to destroy, and take down this person out of either jealousy, envy or for a certain purpose of controlling people.

In Manly P. Hall states in his segment of "Demonology", details how the world is run by spirits. The good spirits are attracted to good energy and actions, as well are the evil spirits who are attracted to negative energy and evil actions. He also states how there are people who would interfere with the laws of nature by either using the evil spirit for power, money or even to curse a person for their own gain. This is done when the witch conjures up the spirit to have them do their bidding. But as this is done, the evil spirit would warn of the consequences for their actions for doing this act, and will be waiting for them at the otherside. 

This is what AGNI states in Exodus and Deuteronomy to not let a witch to live, as they will continue to do this without remorse (And this is the God of fire speaking against the use of witchcraft and sorcery as they cause the person to transgress against another person’s right to live in harmony). Apparently, He is the one who gave the laws to the Aryan people and warned them to not get into the worship of these other nations as they would use witchcraft to turn one’s heart away from the true God. 

In Ephesians 6:12 states “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. And from verse 13 to 18 all details to put on your spiritual armour so that you can withstand against the fiery darts of the wicked one. And this is true, their attacks feel like darts penetrating one’s spirit and soul.

So, when you fight against their witchcraft through prayer, you are merely “wrestling” against them, as they are trying to wrestle against you (with their spirit). In Ezekiel 13:20, of how AGNI is against their magic, and how they hunt the souls of people to fragment them, thus causing depression upon their lives. These practices are all done to destroy the person’s mental thinking, and to smother the person's energy with their own energy.

Now, these tactics are shown to not be demons making a person practice witchcraft, but the person themselves. People are the ones doing this, and not the “the devil" as people would think. The energy manipulation is based on the person’s intentions, whether good or bad. This can connect to the statement the second commandment (Given by Agni) to love thy neighbor, as you would love yourself (For everything starts within yourself, whether good or bad). 

Now, I find it interesting that the being called "The Devil" are generally shown to be torturing people based on their actions against another. Now, why would Christians state the Devil to be the deceiver, when it clearly shows him merely punishing the people for their wickedness? Apparently, there is an example in the book of Samuel 18:10, which detailing God sending an "evil spirit" against Saul, because of his wickedness and disobedience (It details that Saul was practicing witchcraft against David due to his jealousy). So, the Bible is stating that the God is the one who sends a spirit depending on that person’s action, which means whatever you do good or evil, you will attract that type of energy or spirit.

Now, based on Witchcraft, there is a "loa" called Baron Samedi who is a voodoo spirit represented with a cross (The Cross of Baron Samedi). And has a wife name Maman Brigitte, who is apparently infused with Mary Magdalene. Apparently, their colors are purple and black, which are deemed the colors of death (and the colors of red and black are deemed a curse). In the conclusion of the 2016 election, Hillary and Bill Clinton came with the color purple and black indicating the loss of the election...or is it the representation of their god?

If you look at the video called "Rapture" by Blondie, you will see Baron Samedi dancing in the beginning wearing all white. Then they show 3 women wearing white dancing (Voodoo, Santaria), and a woman passing by with a goat. Then in the end Baron Samedi leads them into the underworld indicating that the souls are being led into hell. These are just some of the esoteric breakdowns based on witchcraft shown through the entertainment industry.

Interesting enough, I find it fascinating on how the Cross is worn by Celebrities, Rap stars, Rock stars, Porn stars, Prostitutes, Politicians, Mafia, Gangsters, witches etc. and yet, is deemed as holy symbol by the Christians. If Rome rules the whole world, and is the one that changed everybody's history, then I question the ideology on the origin of this Cross, and what it really represents (as the Cross of Dagon). The Caduceus of Isis, is really a Christian Cross symbol used in the Pharmaceutical companies. Even the term "Pharmakeia" is based on "Drug sorcery". The drug are merely potions, to which they "manipulate" how you feel on your body. 

Here in Strong's concordance states this: "pharmakeia: the use of medicine, drugs or spells".

Now, sex isn't just a physical action as today’s society would try to promote nowadays, but has much to do with commiting a soul tie to another person. When a person has sex with someone, they are actually committing a soul tying relationship with this particular person, whether fling or not. Soul ties are powerful, because one person’s spirit or energy can also “influence” that person’s spirit. So, depending on the level of vibration that person has, He or She will either be brought up into the true loving aspect in the relationship, or be brought down into the state of lust and hell. If there are men that have good energy, then they should be attracted to the women who have good energy. But if a man has bad energy, then of course, will attract the women with bad energy. 

Now, the semen is like an electric beacon, for whenever you eat food or drink, it goes into your bloodstream, throughout the body, then into the sperm. This is where your energy or "vitality" (As people will call it "Vril", "Chi", or "Prana"), this comes from your lower Chakra (where your sex organ is located). This is where the lowest chakra venerates from and the energy comes forth from the bottom to the third eye.

Now, if you don't have sex for a while, the person can use this energy to raise it through the spine to the third eye (via meditiation), thus doing extraodinary things with this power. Personally, I have meditated for as long as an hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours, and can feel a surge of power rising through the energy of the spine (The energy creates heat, to which you sweat). A good chakra flow in your body means a good conditioned mind, body and soul, because your third eye is clear and open. Your higher self is based from the internal being connected to the third eye, but that is based on the individual's experience. However, when a person practices witchcraft against another, what they are doing is basically blocking your chakra flow. If your "flow" is blocked, that is the considered "stumbling block" or obstacle that the God of fire was detailing in the Bible. This is where the terminology of cursing someone is based on, as they tend to "throw a rock in your river to stop the flow of the water". Wicthes and warlocks know this, for they can use their energy to oppress another and try to control their will and emotions, but it's not the person's doing but the manipulator's.

Now, when you expel it through sexual intercourse or masturbation, then it dissipates, thus becoming weak spiritually and physically. Though we tend to abuse ourselves, however, at times you may need to expel the old sperm, because depending on what you eat (as there are foods with many chemicals and unnatural processes), you may also need to expel the sperm that has certain chemicals stored in that part of the body (depending what you eat). The statement of "You are what you eat" definitely says a lot. Fasting ha the power to cleanse the person's spirit, but that is based on the individual's prayer or ability to energy cleanse themselves in the process.

Now, if the person observes how their body feels when eating, then you will find how this will affect your daily living and habits, but this is based on having awareness in this factor. If you eat meat, it will take around 30 days to fully exit your body. Fish and Chicken tends to be lighter in this category and will take a week or two to fully exit your body. When eating certain raw fruits and veggies, they can affect your body in a certain way, but when you have uncooked greens like lettuce and such in your diet, this will also have a different affect. If you eat bread and sugar, it will deconstruct your body due to your cells partaking in the foods, thus your body will be like "dough" in a sense. Again, you are what you eat.

Now, at times it doesn't even have to be physical, but can even be sexual through thought. For thought is energy (it's faster than light) and can penetrate in a direction just by thinking about anything in particular (we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies). Here Jesus states this in Matthew 5:28 “But I tell you if anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed with her in his heart.” And this is very true, as one person lusts for another in their heart, is merely a form of "spiritual fornication" to that person. Also, there are people that can bring down one's spiritually countenance just by looking at the eyes. This technique is a "charm" technique that is used to destroy the person's countenance. There are many significant ways a person can charm another. For example, a man or woman can send a spell to an individual to make the person look at them, but wonder why they are all of sudden infatuated with them, This tactic is not based from natural emotions but by manipulation. There are many people that use this spell to cast it to other people as a state of control. Be mindful and aware is the key, and once you find what's going on then you can be able to break it through prayer. 

Now, the God of fire clearly tells the Aryans to not get into the use of familiar spirits, or becoming a dreamer of dreams. (This actually goes hand in hand which is used throughout the world) The term familiar spirits is merely a spiritual tracking device that is put on a person to locate him or her and to know what that person is doing. This is done when they either shake your hand or tap your shoulders as such, but with the difference of laying their spirit onto your spirit. When this happens you will feel as if something is suffocating your aura, and at times seems like someone else is living in your body. This is the transgression that the God of fire hates, as these witches will start manipulating that person through their dreams and past (as they impersonate a loved one or someone you know in you memory). They are searching for the memories of your life, and using people in the past to give you the “ride” when its not real. This is also mentioned in Thoth’s Emerald Tablets as Thoth details the people who “walk in your dreams” and give you thoughts which are not your own.

To remind the reader, this has nothing to do with the propagandized devil we all hear about but people that are doing this, because in this world, people are either angels or demons (based on their actions). There are people who cross their arms and legs intentionally to practice the “warlock” move. This is a move that binds the person to keep them in a state of “arrested development.” This is a hard tactic to overcome, because the person's spirit and will power can overcome, unless you pray against it constantly (You can read the Psalms of David to battle against them).

There are ways like going to the beach for spiritual cleansing, due to the salt of the water. The Ocean acts like "epsom salt" (like taking a relaxing bath) to which has strong spiritual properties to cleanse your aura. Now, at times if they are very powerful, you will need to pray to the "Almighty Creator" and upon AGNI to "pull off their spirit" off from you. It's of course, how you have to pray in this means is based one's experience.

Then there are those like to put what they call “tape spirits” which would make the curse or spirit harder to come off of you. They also can put the spirits of other people onto you, and lay "snares" and traps for you to walk in (in the form another person's spirit). This is exactly what King David’s prayers are all about in Psalms, especially Psalms 22. 

Negative energies can reside in dead things, foul smelling objects and strange doorways and can reside in food, drink and clothing. If a person cooks with good energy, then the food has that person's energy, then there is the negative to which will be disgusting. There is the "black magic" that is generally used, but also the "Psychic attack" as the person's energy and will is trying to penetrate our energy. Based on those "Aghoris", the practices of worship the God of the dead has nothing holy or spiritual, but is based on the underworld. A Navajo Elder had detailed how peircing yourself or giving yourself a tattoo are basically "portals" for spirits to enter into your body, though I find it depends how it's done. Your hair is like an energy antenna, and connects to the person's Psychic ability. This was demonstrated by the United States Army, when they find the use of the American Indians. Due to their long hair, they would have an ability to understanding the nature of the earth and the spirit realm. However, when a group of them were recruited into the U.S. army, and having their hair cut off, they had seemingly lost their spiritual innate ability. 

Now, I am also going to address those Christians who do the "Prophecy searching" in the Bible, because many are going into this practice thinking that its towards the God of fire, which is not. Lets address this Shall we: Deuteronomy 18:10,11 "There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire (Moloch) or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer."

It is apparent that Christianity is full on sorcery and witchcraft as it's described. The use of divination is what the Christians are into, which is "prophecy searching", the practice of seeking knowledge of the future by unknown or supernatural means. Micah 5:12-14 “And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers; Thy graven images also will I cut off, and thy standing images out of the midst of thee; and thou shalt no more worship the work of thine hands. And I will pluck up groves out of the midst of thee; so will I destroy thy cities.”