So, it shows that wherever the "Sons of God" came, they had brought civilization and the Atlantean religions to which the whole world has to do day. I have stated that the esoteric translation of the "Sons of God" or "fallen angels" giving this knowledge to mankind, is merely the same story as Prometheus giving fire to mankind, Agni or matarisvan giving fire to mankind, and the serpent in the Bible also detailing the same scenario as the partaking of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. 

Like I stated before, the Garden of Eden is to be understood in the esoteric forms, as this is shown with hidden layers like an Onion. Based from Genesis 3:15 connects to Revelations 12:7, as the Devas battle against the Asuras. Then comes the "tree of life" as the source of immortality of the Gods, shows those very same Gods to be Zeus and others, that didn't want mankind to have immortality.

The reader should further understand that the tree of life would be noted as the "Amrita", the Nectar of the Gods to which the Asuras and Devas always fought over for. In the Greco-Roman details the "Ambrosia" and "Golden Apples", and Norse mothology also states the same thing. This should tell you that it's "still" based on symbolism, as these Gods that wish to keep the nectar of immortality for themselves, are the very same Gods based on Genesis 3:15 and Revelations 12:7, as this still pertains to the Asuras and Devas, the Gods and Titans, Aesirs and Jotunns, Angels and Jinn, to God and Satan or Michael and the Red Dragon.

The "splitting" of mankind to male and female is the same story as Zeus splitting the androgynous man to male and female. Hence, would give a clue to the "first" Gods creating man in their image, male and female created he them. Based from the Lecture on "The Mysterious Ancient Fish and serpent Gods- Were they real?", the lecturer Jim Vieira would detail how these Gods would be "androgynous", thus pertaining to the aspects of male and female in the Bible. Even from Credo Mutwa's story of the coming Chitauri, would detail that mankind was first an androgynous being before getting split into male and female.

I need to give updates as to why I state the two races based from the "Garden of Eden", and why this has nothing to do with mankind on Earth.

So, I had mentioned the "Crest" symbolism and how this connects to these apparent "Amphibian Gods", that brought culture to the human beings of Earth. But based upon observation does show that some beings would look like half-man and half-fish, while others look like an Eagle humanoid entities, and men with wings of birds. They all carry the baskets that is shown throughout the whole world. There is Quetzalcoatl's basket, Shiva's basket, Oannes Basket etc.

Even based on the Eagle men's clothing details the "fringes" on the garments, thus strangely connecting to the American Indian clothings. Then of course, the Fishmen's hats would be the Tiara hats or mitres that the Popes wear in the Christian religions. Based on these same hats shows the God of the underworld Mictlantecutli, also showing the same Papal tiaras. I have also stated that the movie Prometheus details the Deacon making the Cross, also detailing this same significance of those Gods coming with the Atlantean religion (everything starts to connect). 

Now, it shows the birdmen and fishmen that came and taught mankind, connects to the race of Nagas and the race of the Garudas, as one are of the Devas, and the other as the Asuras. Apparently, the Dragon symbolism still pertains to these Amphibian Gods, whether people would try to identify them either as reptilians or the former.  

Now, let's see the God called "Varuna" on the Wiki: "Varuna is a Vedic deity associated initially with the sky, later also with the seas as well as Ṛta (justice) and Satya (truth). He is found in the oldest layer of Vedic literature of Hinduism, such as hymn 7.86 of the Rigveda. He is also mentioned in the Tamil grammar work Tolkāppiyam, as Kadalon the god of sea and rain."

"He is said to be the son of Kashyapa (one of the seven ancient sages). In the Hindu Puranas, Varuna is the god of oceans, his vehicle is a Makara (crocodile) and his weapon is a Pasha (noose, rope loop)."

"He is the guardian deity of the western direction. In some texts, he is the father of the Vedic sage Vasishtha. Varuna is found in Japanese Buddhist mythology as Suiten. He is also found in Jainism. He is possibly related to Greek Uranus and Slavic Perun."

Etymology: "In Hindu tradition, the theonym Váruṇa (Devanagari: वरुण) is described as a derivation from the verbal root vṛ ("to surround, to cover" or "to restrain, bind") by means of a suffixal -uṇa-, for an interpretation of the name as "he who covers or binds", in reference to the cosmological ocean or river encircling the world, but also in reference to the "binding" by universal law or Ṛta."

"Georges Dumézil (1934) made a cautious case for the identity of Varuna and the Greek god Ouranos at the earliest Indo-European cultural level. The etymological identification of the name Ouranos with the Sanskrit Varuṇa is based in the derivation of both names from the PIE root *ŭer with a sense of "binding" – the Indic king-god Varuṇa binds the wicked, the Greek king-god Ouranos binds the Cyclopes. While the derivation of the name Varuṇa from this root is undisputed, this derivation of the Greek name is now widely rejected in favour of derivation from the root *wers- "to moisten, drip" (Sanskrit vṛṣ "to rain, pour").

Hindu texts: "Vedas In the earliest layer of the Rigveda, Varuna is the guardian of moral law, one who punishes those who sin without remorse, and who forgives those who err with remorse. He is mentioned in many Rigvedic hymns, such as 7.86–88, 1.25, 2.27–30, 8.8, 9.73 and others."

"His relationship with waters, rivers and oceans is mentioned in the Vedas. Rig veda 10.123 says Hiranyapaksha (golden winged bird) as the messenger of Varuna. The golden winged messenger bird of Varuna may not be a mythical one but most probably flamingos because they have colourful wings and the sukta further describes Vulture as the messenger of Yama, the beaks of both these birds have similar morphology and flamingos are seen nearby seashores and marshlands."

(Here is what "" details this: CXXIII "6 They gaze on thee with longing in their spirit, as on a strong-winged bird that mounteth sky-ward; On thee with wings of gold, Varuṇa's envoy, the Bird that hasteneth to the home of Yama.)

"Varuna and Mitra are the gods of the societal affairs including the oath, and are often twinned Mitra-Varuna. Both Mitra and Varuna are classified as Asuras in the Rigveda (e.g. RV 5.63.3), although they are also addressed as Devas as well (e.g. RV 7.60.12). Varuna, being the king of the Asuras, was adopted or made the change to a Deva after the structuring of the primordial cosmos, imposed by Indra after he defeats Vrtra."

Now, let's look at the "Makara" as the vehicle of Varuna. Here states this in the Wiki: "Makara (Sanskrit: मकर) is a legendary sea-creature in Hindu mythology. In Hindu astrology, Makara is equivalent to the Zodiac sign Capricorn. Makara appears as the vahana (vehicle) of the river goddess Ganga, Narmada and of the sea god Varuna."

"Makara are considered guardians of gateways and thresholds, protecting throne rooms as well as entryways to temples; it is the most commonly recurring creature in Hindu and Buddhist temple iconography, and also frequently appears as a Gargoyle or as a spout attached to a natural spring. Makara-shaped earrings called Makarakundalas are sometimes worn by the Hindu gods, for example Shiva, the Destroyer, or the Preserver-god Vishnu, the Sun god Surya, and the Mother Goddess Chandi. Makara is also the insignia of the love god Kamadeva, who has no dedicated temples and is also known as Makaradhvaja, "one whose flag depicts a makara".

Etymology: "Makara is a Sanskrit word which means "sea-animal, crocodile". It is the origin of the Hindi word for crocodile, मगर (magar), which has in turn been loaned into English as the name of the Mugger crocodile, the most common crocodile in India."

"Josef Friedrich Kohl of Würzburg University and several German scientists claimed that makara is based on dugong instead, based on his reading of Jain text of Sūryaprajñapti. The South Asian river dolphin may also have contributed to the image of the makara. In Tibetan it is called the "chu-srin", and also denotes a hybrid creature

Physical features of makara: "It is generally depicted as half terrestrial animal in the frontal part (stag, deer, or elephant) and half aquatic animal in the hind part (usually of a fish, a seal, or a snake, though sometimes a peacock or even a floral tail is depicted)."

"Though Makara may take many different forms throughout Hindu culture, in the modern world, its form is always related to the marsh crocodile or water monitor. According to an art historian, John Boardman, depictions of Makara and Chinese Dragon might have been influenced by Kētos in Greek Mythology, possibly after contact with silk-road images of the Kētos."

"In Sinhalese ancient artwork Makara is made up of body parts of six or seven animals such as the trunk of the elephant, jaws of the crocodile, ears of the mouse or ape, extruding teeth of wild swine, the tail plume of the peacock and feet of the lion."

So, this is where the Persian arts depict these Dragons with the "trunk" comes from. The Chinese dragon and similar creatures would be the animals connecting to "Varuna". Plus, it should be noted that Varuna being the original "King of the Asuras" connects to him being dethroned by the others, thus being the original Sky God demoted to the God of the seas. This is basically the story of Vritrasura being defeated by Indra. Interesting enough, when the Rig vedas mentions Varuna having a messenger bird, this shows the relations to Zeus and the Eagle, Yama and the Vulture, to Vishnu and the Garuda, and Huracan and Voc the messenger bird. Even the God that people state is "Enki" or "Ea", is shown with the bird as well, thus connecting to the God with the messenger bird. Enki would be Varuna the God of the Ocean, and based from this segment does seem to correlate to Tohil, Chaac, and Huracan.

Now, we know about the fish gods leading to Oannes or Dagon (as some would state are different), but then there is the bird Gods that hold these baskets as well. Generally, when looking up the information on these bird headed Gods, these sources try to say they are "reptilians" or "fishmen", when I see that they are seperate deities altogether. Interesting enough, comes the "fringes" that these Entities would wear on their clothing, as this pertains to the American Indian garments. 

Now, based on the website "warpaths2peacepipes" details this segment "Native American Fringe": Native American Fringe: Facts and information about the History of Clothing and regalia of Native American Indians and the use of the fringe on their clothes. Many different types of clothing worn by various tribes featured fringes on dresses, jackets, shawls, bags, moccasins and shirts. The fringed additions served for both practical and decorative purposes. Buckskin clothing was adopted by pioneers, frontiersmen and mountain men complete with the fringes favored by the Native Indians."

Native American Clothing: "Fringes The history of traditional or ceremonial dress and regalia worn by Native American Indians is a fascinating subject. The following fact sheet contains interesting facts and information on the the fringe that featured on the clothes of many tribes. A Fringe was added to many articles of clothing including jackets, dresses, leggings, shirts and shawls. Fringes were also added to other items such as moccasins, bags (called a parfleche), knife sheaths, quivers and tobacco pouches."

"Native American Fringe Fact 1: A fringe consisted of a border or edge of hanging threads, cords, tassels or strips, and was often found on garments made from leather and buckskin.

Native American Fringe Fact 2: Fringes were made separately and sewn on garments, or other important Native Indian items. Fringes were either twisted or plaited together or added as narrow, hanging strips of leather.

Native American Fringe Fact 3: The purpose of the fringe on Native Indian clothing was two-fold. Fringes were added for purely decorative reasons or had a practical use.

Native American Fringe Fact 4: The practical reason for fringes were that they helped to repel rainwater from the wearer. As the fringe moved the water ran down to the tips and was shed faster than with no fringe allowing the clothes to dry faster.

Native American Fringe Fact 5: Fringes were added to a garment in different ways. When making a dress, shirt, skirt of jacket it was a common practise not to trim the leather hides when sewing seams. Instead the excess leather was cut to create the fringes.

Native American Fringe Fact 6: Native American Indians tried never to waste anything. This included leather, that had taken a long time to prepare. Surplus leather was cut into strips and a band of fringing was sewn on to the clothing. Some surplus leather strips were kept and used to decorate other items such as pouches, bags, quivers and knife sheaths Native American

Fringe Fact 7: When making Moccasins the surplus leather was used for fringing the shoes and for making the straps. Moccasin fringes often trailed on the ground.

Native American Fringe Fact 8: Long thongs of leather were tied together in pairs to create a different fringed effect.

Native American Fringe Fact 9: Beads were also added to fringes to achieve and even more decorative effect. This was especially popular with the women of the tribes, as was the older tradition of adding brightly colored seeds and shells. Fringes were also painted.

Native American Fringe Fact 10: Fringes were most commonly added to the shoulders and bottoms of jackets, dresses and shirts. They were also added to the side seams of leggings.

Fringe Fact 11: The fringed leather tunic or shirt, worn by Native Americans was called a 'wamus'. According to tradition if a warrior had scalped his enemy, he was allowed to trim his tunic, or wamus, with a human hair fringe in addition to the buckskin fringe. 

Fringe Fact 13: Fringed Jackets, shirts and tunics - The wamus was the name given to these garments that slipped over the head of the wearer."

Fringe Fact 12: The style of fringes differed from tribe to tribe. The Comanche and Kiowa wore long, twisted fringes, often tied in bunches. Other Great Plains tribes favored long, straight fringes, especially along the sleeves. The fringes worn by Woodland tribes were shorter so they did not get caught up or tangled in the underbrush."

Fringe Fact 14: Fringed Dresses featured fringes that hung down the front at the bust. Fringes also hung down from the hem, sleeves, and back. Fringe Fact 15: Breechclouts would often will often have fringes attached and be decorated with different colors."

Fringe Fact 16: The fringed Buckskin clothing was copied by backwoodsmen, frontiersmen, pioneers and mountain men. The fringes were knotted to the inside of seams. The men wore so much fringe that some tribes gave them the nickname of the "Fringe People".

Based from the Bible is shown these two verses on "fringes". Deuteronomy 22:12 “Thou shalt make thee fringes upon the four quarters of thy vesture, wherewith thou coverest thyself.”

Numbers 15:38 “Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribband of blue:”

Interestingly, you do see the bird God having these fringes in the same manner. Based on this subject details God telling the Children of Israel to have fringes on their garments as part of the culture. Now, there is the Jewish Tassle to which the religion tries to portray the same description, however, this modern Jewish religion is "ecclectic" and is not ancient as people are told. It seems that when observing the native American garments, there are certain tribes that ordain themselves with these fringes like normal, and seeing the "crest" of the bird gods, looks like those apparels that the Indian dancers would wear on their heads in Pow wows. 

Again, the bird symbology belonging to the God of fire seems to connect these people to the Aryans (as stated in "Aryans of America 1 and 2"). Of course, as Ignatius Donnelly details the segment of the Indian tribes, they are shown doing the exact samething as the people in the Bible. I can see that the information given points to these people as the God of fire's people, as they would carry the bird symbology heavily compared to those Aryans that took the dragon symbol in Asia and India.

I remember a documentary based on the Yakuza, and one member had stated that Japan originally never had the dragon motif because it belonged to China. This is already know that the dragon symbology actually belonged to the Black inhabitants of those lands, especially "prior" to the arrival of the Aryans.

Then you don't have to look far into the connections of Dagon/Oannes dress to the Christian attires. The "Schemo" monks of the Russian Orthodox parallels the fish description based from the coming Atlantean religions. The legend of this battle between the Bird and the dragon is based from Genesis 3:15, as the Garuda and Naga.

Now, back to the Sons of God's connection to the serpent and Adam. I have provided evidence that the Atlanteans consisted of these Fish or Dragon people, thus leading them to Atlantis and the Garden of Eden, but also comes a Bird like race as they are also shown to having baskets. This maybe based on Genesis 3:15 (as this shows the struggle of the Dragon God and the Bird God).

These Entities would give culture to the whole world, though I find that the Bird Gods are different than the fish Gods. Like I had stated before, people would just lumped them together as reptilians, when clearly they have different appearances. One should note that since the Dagon cult came along with some of these Atlanteans, then we can see how the Cross also came with it as well.

Even based from the book "The Sirius Mystery" details that Osiris was called "Lord of the Perfect Black" or the "Dark God" that pertains to the Black God Saturn whose epithets are Mahakala, Vishnu, Shiva, El, Cronus, Varuna and Dagon. Now, in the Book "The Sirius Mystery" I came across the story of Delphos being a negro, and based on the oracle of Delphi having a connection to the Omphalos stone, has a connection to the Black stone coming from Atlantis. Now, I had stated on why would these Gods be depicted black if some of these images shows them to have dragon imagery? With this statement is why I question the image of these Gods are hidden for this reason whereas the Blackened images are mere representations. The Cross from Africa and is said to be based on the religion of the Black God Bacchus. This term "Children of the Dragon" still pertains to the original black inhabitants of Asia and how they would be the  "Sons of God" and their trange connection to Dragon God. 

It's even stated in "The Sirius Mystery", that Zeus is described as having scales and this God would be the same as Osiris and Amun (Ammon Zeus). Vishnu is a black God thus connecting to Dagon, and perhaps details this strange relevance to the sightings of these water spirits. Based from this statement, I do find that if the people were put into power as viceregents or representatives of these Gods, then it wouldn't matter how it's portrayed. However, considering that they are black due to the Saturn symbolism, it doesn't excuse the images of the wooly haired Diana of the Ephesus and the Black Child that is worshiped in Europe. I can go around in circles here, but as shown based on images of the Black God it does connect to the Ancient Black deity worshiped throughout the whole world. 

Now, based on this website "" states this: Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it: "A "galactic federation" has been waiting for humans to "reach a stage where we will understand... what space and spaceships are," Haim Eshed said."

"A former Israeli space security chief has sent eyebrows shooting heavenward by saying that earthlings have been in contact with extraterrestrials from a "galactic federation." "The Unidentified Flying Objects have asked not to publish that they are here, humanity is not ready yet," Haim Eshed, former head of Israel's Defense Ministry's space directorate, told Israel's Yediot Aharonot newspaper."

"The interview in Hebrew ran on Friday, and gained traction after parts were published in English by the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday. A respected professor and retired general, Eshed said the aliens were equally curious about humanity and were seeking to understand "the fabric of the universe."

"Eshed said cooperation agreements had been signed between species, including an "underground base in the depths of Mars" where there are American astronauts and alien representatives. "There is an agreement between the U.S. government and the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here," he said. Eshed added that President Donald Trump was aware of the extraterrestrials' existence and had been "on the verge of revealing" information but was asked not to in order to prevent "mass hysteria." "They have been waiting until today for humanity to develop and reach a stage where we will understand, in general, what space and spaceships are," Eshed said, referring to the galactic federation."

"The White House and Israeli officials did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment. Sue Gough, a spokesperson for the Pentagon, declined to comment. A spokesperson for NASA said one of the agency's key goals was the search for life in the universe but that it had yet to find signs of extraterrestrial life."

"Although we have yet to find signs of extraterrestrial life, NASA is exploring the solar system and beyond to help us answer fundamental questions, including whether we are alone in the universe," the spokesperson said in a statement. Eshed's ideas are spelled out in more detail in "The Universe Beyond the Horizon — conversations with Professor Haim Eshed" by Hagar Yanai published in November."

"Eshed, who oversaw the launch of numerous Israeli satellites into space, said he was only speaking out now because attitudes were changing and people seemed more receptive. "If I had come up with what I'm saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized," he told Yediot. "Today, they're already talking differently. I have nothing to lose."

"I've received my degrees and awards, I am respected in universities abroad." In May, Trump said, "Space is going to be the future, both in terms of defense and offense ... we're now the leader on space," as he was presented with the official flag of a newly created military branch, Space Force. Its focus, along with a Space Command, is on space as a military domain for the U.S., preserving satellites and communications and a focus on geo-politics in new terrain."

"Eshed's comments immediately spawned jokes and theories online. At least half-a-dozen accounts have been created on Twitter claiming to be representatives to earth from the "Galactic Federation." Other users have asked for preferential treatment and meetings with the other-worldly group."

"Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs for the British Ministry of Defense, described Eshed’s remarks as “extraordinary.” “Either this is some sort of practical joke or publicity stunt to help sell his book, perhaps with something having been lost in translation, or someone in the know is breaking ranks,” he said."

"Pope said the UFO and conspiracy theory community was excited but that questions remained including whether or not Eshed was speaking from direct personal knowledge and experience or whether he is repeating something he has been told. “There are still some missing pieces of the puzzle here,” he said."

Based from the Saturnian God Osiris connects to Shani. Here is what the Wiki states on this excerpt: "Shani (Sanskrit: शनि, Śani), or Śanaiśchara, refers to the divine personification of the planet Saturn in Hinduism, and is one of the nine heavenly objects (Navagraha) in Hindu astrology. He is believed to be incarnation of krishna . And Krishna tells himself that he is Shani among planets in Brahma Vaivarta Puran."

"Shani is also a male Hindu deity in the Puranas, whose iconography consists of a black figure carrying a sword or danda (sceptre) and sitting on a Crow. He is the god of Karma (deeds), justice, and retribution and delivers results depending upon one's thoughts, speech, and deeds (karma). Shani is the controller of longevity, misery, sorrow, old age, discipline, restriction, responsibility, delays, ambition, leadership, authority, humility, integrity, and wisdom born of experience. He also signifies spiritual asceticism, penance, discipline, and conscientious work. He married twice, first being Neela, the personification of the Blue Sapphire gemstone and the second being Manda, a Gandharva princess."

Dedicated Day: "On Saturdays, it is believed that one should worship Lord Shani to keep oneself away from evil and to reduce the hardships of life as he blesses those who willingly and voluntarily donate to the poor without seeking anything in return."

"Shani statue at Naksaal Bhagwati Temple Shani puja is usually done to keep one safe from Lord Shani's malefic effects. On Saturday, the devotee also fasts from dawn to dusk. Wake up early in the morning and take oil bath after applying sesame oil on your body. After bath, wear black clothes for the day. On the whole day, use Sesame oil for lighting lamp."

So, based on the cult of Saturn shows that it connects to the Atlantean religions that were brought to mankind. Saturn does lead to Dagon, and to why Saturn rules over everyone. Here even states that Krishna is Shani, which is actually true because his is Dagon/Vishnu himself. Now, based from the article should bring attention to the readers, in which I ask, why do you think the US and Israel are able to meet with the apparent "Galactic Federation"?

Here states that Humanity is not ready for the aliens to be revealed, to which, I find it interesting based from Obama's statements on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He states that the entities forbade them from any form of disclosure, and that they excercise extreme control over us. Sure it may seem like a joke, but knowing the US and Israel's Occultic symbolism towards Saturn, details that the Governments know what's up and who they are under. This should ring a bell as to why the Black Cube and back stone connects to the worship of the Gods, to which have masked themselves from the beginning.

Everyone is under a very powerful gang of Extraterrestrials, and I bet they are not "tall whites" that these people are telling just to appeal to the raicial views. Knowing the symbolism of the Saturn Dagon worship throughout the whole world, details that these Entities have ruled Humanity for thousands, if not millions of years. Now, based from what the Book "The Sirius Mystery" has stated on the coming of the Amphibian race giving the apparent "culture" to humanity is shown that this pertains to the Black cube and the black stone of Atlantis (See "Legends of Atlantis"). 

So, what can be said about the book "The Sirius Mystery"? It's revealed that those apparent deities that brought the knowledge of civilization and such would be deemed as saviors of a sort, but are said to look amphibian looking. The book even mentions how one of the Nommo had rebelled against Amma and the others, thus conncting to Lucifer rebelling against God, and giving the interpretation on the example of ego in an imperfect world. Then it's told that the Nommo sacrifices itself for the forgiveness of sins and being called the dying and rising God, should tell you that Christianity is pure Dagon worship.

So, based from the information given, we are told that the one called "Ogo" would be likened to Satan or (as the Author state) the story of Set, and interesting enough is called the white fox. This is pretty much Geb and Nut having four children, as they would be Set, Nephthys, Isis and Osiris. And Set battling Osiris, thus dismembering him to which gets resurrected is just like any Bacchic/Dionysus story that is shown throughout the mythologies. 

Now, I have to question the statements from the book based on the rebellion, because we are told that this Entity rebelled against the order of Amma, and discord is said to come from this being, however, based on learning about Dagon being worshiped in every religion tells me something else. Think about this statement. The God that rules over everyone's lives whether in religious holidays and such, still goes back to the worship of Osiris as the dying and rising God or that particular Nommo as the story states (This is the great deception). This is pretty much what the movie "The Truman Show" is detailing, as the director called "Christoff" is playing the "God of this world" who keeps people in the state of illusion. And based from that movie (as stated in "The Lord of Sirius 1&2") details this God's connection to the fallen star "Sirius".

I knew the God of fire would be what they called Set and based on understanding this God speaking against the "Grove" worship, to the "six-pointed star" to Dagon, Moloch, Baal and Ashtoreth, should tell you that this God is really speaking against Osiris and Isis as the Gods that are worshiped throughout the whole world. It wouldn't matter if they are shown in their black images or amphibian looking, this is what the God of fire had told the Aryans to not get into the worship, because they have influenced mankind with these strange practices from Atlantis.

You think they were just bringing "culture" to the world? There were human sacrifices and bloodletting practices done towards these Gods as shown. This is pretty much what H.P. Lovecraft was revealing in his stories in which, after connecting the dots, knows that they are not just stories but are based on the religions of today. And based from understanding the Saturnian dagon cult that was spread by the apparent "Amphibian" group, would give you clues as to who those apparent Aliens from the "Galactic federation" are in this article. 

So, why do you think the U.S. and Israel gets to meet with these Extraterrestrials? Even when the United States and Israel has done atrocious things to people, even when whistle blowers had told the truth about what the U.S. is doing, or Israel for that matter, are either assassinated, ostracized, or had to leave the country because they are considered "criminals" in the eyes of the Government, even when they exposed the truth about them. The CIA and FBI, the symbolism towards those Gods in Freemasonry, to even religion, should be a wake up call that everyone is under a hidden power.

The readers should know that Israel's religion is based on the Black God Saturn, and is the leading world power along with the U.S. The History that is based on lies about where the lands are located, are still taught to people, and are supported by most Christians. This is why I had to agree with Jordan Maxwell's conversation from the FBI agent, and that is, Christianity is the number one crime syndicate in the world. He states "Christianity Prcede Judaism" topic, in which was already established in "The Black God" Chapter.

Here you see the "Dagon" cult being worshiped by the Aryans and the whole world........

So, why would these "criminal organizations" meet with Extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation? These Extrarrestrials are not stupid. Without a doubt, they see what everyone is doing, and seeing everyone's plans on Earth. I can also state that they, would very much want to see their plans on Earth be executed on Earth, especially if the U.S. and Israel and under them.

We can see the Saturn symbolism in Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The Jewish "Phylacteries" and "Teffillin" is cube shaped for a reason. The wrapping the strap around their left arm "7" times connects to going around the Kaaba in Mecca "7" times. Then Christianity along with the Cross, have so much symbolism belonging to Dagon, who again is Saturn. Jesus Christ is the Black God Saturn, who is Dagon. I have found information based on those Phylacteries connecting to "Serapis" is the serpent version of Osiris, and how this relates to the Saturn symbology. 

So, I can see how the God of fire had gotten the Aryans to be under Him and gave them laws to abide by in His name. He told them to destroy certain things for a reason and is because of the influences of the different powerful Extraterrestrial races that came down from the Stars.

Now, in the story of Red Horn, would detail the God of fire battling the Giants, Monsters, Demons and Water spirits on Earth, and based on this subject about these Amphibian/Dragon deities, shows that this God has enemies that are not human. Based from Robert Temple's lecture on "The Sirius Mystery revisited", details some interesting things based on the beings that inhabit the different planets.

Based from the book "The Sirius Mystery" pg 37 states this segment: "The Dogon have no difficulty in conceiving of intelligent life all over the universe. They say:48 The worlds of spiralling stars were populated universes; for as he created things, Amma gave the world its shape and its movement and created living creatures."

"There are creatures living on other 'Earths' as well as on our own; this proliferation of life is illustrated by an explanation of the myth, in which it is said: man is on the 4th earth, but on the 3rd there are 'men with horns' inneu gammurugu, on the 5th, 'men with tails' inneu dullogu, on the 6th, 'men with wings' inneu bummo, etc. This emphasizes the ignorance of what life is on the other worlds but also the certainty that it exists."

This is very interesting to know, because based from Robert's lecture, actually details the Nommo to looking like reptilian humanoids. He even mentions (as well in the Book) the people with "Horns", people with tails, people with wings, and the amphibian entities.

Now, even though Robert Temple (in which I see) did good work on this subject, and based from this subject does bring more light to the descriptions of these Entities, however, the religions that is brought by one of them does show that mankind are under the control Extraterrestrial forces. I can't see why he wouldn't see the connections of the name "Dogon" and Dagon, as this still pertains to the Atlanteans that gave this culture to the world. 

Now, based on one of these Entities description is shown to have horns on their heads. This is pretty much stated from Blavatsky's book "Book of Dzyan" on the "goatmen". It states in the book that there would be goatmen, merbeings, dogheaded men, men with two & three heads etc. The "men with horns" also seems to connect to what the Military man from Richard Hall's NATO UFO human mutilation case, as he states one type of E.T. looks like the devil. Then those that would have tails, seems to connect to the Egyptian video on the taxi driver, detailing how the train workers saw people with tails living below. However, nothing is said about the Greys, which is interesting......

It seems that everyone gives these notions on these Extraterrestrials being good, (to a certain degree should be good ones) however, seeing the religions leading back to Dagon worship, as it's shown throughout the whole world, tells me a whole different story regarding Extraterrestrial involvement. Based from Richard's Documentary states on the Military source hearing about these E.T.s being friendly, is not true at all. Based on this statement I have to 100% agree, because based on the Dagon relilgions, it shows how much of an influence these Gods have over mankind. The reader can disagree with the Dogon myths and such, but seeing these connections only tells me a whole different story. 

And like I said, even if they are black Gods or the Dragon/Amphibian Entities, it still leads back to the Dagon Cult of Atlantis. Tammuz and Semiramus are based on Isis an Horus the wife and son of the Dragon God Osiris (See "Prophets of Dagon").

So, when listening to one of Jordan Maxwell's podcast, he would state something like how the Solomon's Temple is really located in Egypt, and how the Bible is based on Astrology and symbolism. He constantly details how it's merely a story, and at first I didn't agree with this statement, but overtime I start to see how much the Bible's been plagarized from earlier sources, I began to see what he meant.

Now, based from understanding what's going on, I had to learn about Hinduism first, and based from Jordan's statements on the three Abrahamic religions going back to Hinduism, is key to learning about what's going on. It was definitely by guidance from the God of fire that I was led to Hinduism first, then everything started to come together overtime, but it's a journey.

The Bible is not to be taken as literal, but to be esoterically understood. The names of Abraham and Sarah is based on the Hindu Gods Brahma and Sarasvati. Then to learn about the Gods in the Bible like Moloch, Dagon, Baal and Ashtoreth, are shown to be black complexioned Gods originally, as Sir Godfrey Higgins stated in his book "The Anacalypsis".

The Dragon God has a connection to the Black nations, and they are the same Gods that the whole world worships. I can see Robert Temple's work on the Dogon Tribe to be very interesting, but I saw that he didn't connect the dots based on "Dogon" and "Dagon". I have mentioned in "Galactic Warfare 2" and "The Lord of Sirius 2" on one of the Documentaries revealing the Dogons having the "Shiva Lingam" and pouring milk upon it, and how this was "purposely" cut short for a reason.

This is why when Jacob having the dream of God being on top of the ladder and erecting a pillar to honor this God, shows that the pillar and the apparent "ladder" are symbols belonging to Dagon. The ladder is based on the "step pyramid" and the pillar is the Phallus of Shiva. The Freemason staircase to Heaven is based on Sirius and Saturn Symbolism. This is what got me thinking on why would Abraham make a grove in Genesis 21:33, and the pillar from Jacob in Genesis 28 and yet, the God of fire who brought the Aryans to the land had told people to destroy these Groves and pillars that was in the land. It even states for the people to blot out the names of the Gods and put His name there. This reveals that this is not the same God that was addressed before.

Deuteronomy Chapter 12: "1These are the statutes and judgments, which ye shall observe to do in the land, which the LORD God of thy fathers giveth thee to possess it, all the days that ye live upon the earth. 2Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and under every green tree:"

"3And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place. 4Ye shall not do so unto the LORD your God. 5But unto the place which the LORD your God shall choose out of all your tribes to put his name there, even unto his habitation shall ye seek, and thither thou shalt come:"

Now, based from the Groves and pillars that were towards the Black Gods, it's shown these practices existed before the Aryans came into the lands of India and China. This is what the website "" states on this subject:

"dasyu, Sanskrit dāsa (“servant”), an aboriginal people in India who were encountered by the Indo-European-speaking peoples who entered northern India about 1500 BCE. They were described by the Indo-Europeans as a dark-skinned, harsh-spoken people who worshipped the phallus. Some Western scholars who view the lingam (a Hindu votary object) as a phallic symbol have conjectured that it originated with the dasyu; others hold that this description of the dasyu may have referred to their sexual practices."

"The dasyu lived in fortified places from which they sent out armies. They may have been among the Shudras, or labourers, who served the three higher classes— Brahman (priests), Kshatriya (warriors), and Vaishya (merchants)—from whose ritual communion they were excluded."

If the God of fire was telling the Aryans to destroy those "pillars" and "groves", along with the names of those Gods embedded on those Altars, then you know that this God has nothing to do with those them, but belongs to those original Gods in the land. That means these Aryans that worship these pillars, are worshiping the wrong God, and is why the God of fire had enough of the people. All throughout the Bible details exactly what the Ayrans were doing, as they made Groves and pillars towards those Gods, and sure enough, nothings changed.

Based from Godfrey Higgin's book details the Shiva Lingam to be black, thus pertaining to Osiris the Black God. This tells me that these pillars belonged to the black people, as this is based on their Gods and not the God of the Aryans. So, regardless of the changes that the Aryans have done, it's shown that these Black Gods and their practices still belong to the Black nations.

Now, I have heard people say that the Black people are the Israelites because of the Black images of Mary and Jesus, to even take the statements from Deuteronomy 28:68 “And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.”

I have also seen Kurimeo Ahau's videos based on the Black people being the Israelites, and though I don't agree with somethings, I do find he makes great material and interesting points. In fact, based from learning about "Melek Taus" was based from his videos, which was part of the reason I wanted to learn about this God. Now, I can definitely agree with the Aztecs originally being black complexioned, as well some other Indian tribes which is why I find many of them looking negroid. The Olmecs are shown to look like black people based on their features, and this is a fact. So, if the theory of these black people were in america already, then could it defeat the transatlantic slavery that was told to many African Americans? These are some of the questions and Documents stated.

You know it's interesting that people will state "cultural appropriation", when there are people that had changed the images of the God to look like them, and those that apply the culture from the previous nations as their own. This is pretty much what the Aryans and other nations were doing, and how they changed these images and stories of Gods like Krishna, Shiva, and Jesus Christ, seems to apply to all religions.

I have seen Documentaries from "Vice" based on the "Chicano Culture" in Japan, and how a group of Japanese love the Mexican food, the Low riders, the style and music. Even though the interviewer would try to imply them of stealing the Chicano culture from the Mexicans (which some of these attributes are pretty recent in America) however, I find that these Japanese applying the Chicano culture, "ironically" looked just like the Mexicans. This is what I had stated in "Persian connection 2" that the Aryans would look like one another, whether they are in America, India, China and Central Asia, they are connected regardless. 

So, I have heard that Sir Frances Bacon had edited the Bible before it's publishing in 1611. Apparently, based from these Documentaries and European lectures, would detail a conspiracy on how Frances Bacon was actually William Shakespear, and is known to be a 33rd Freemason. This was supported by Eliphas Levi (the inventor of the symbol of Baphomet), to Blavatsky and Albert Pike, as they state when reviewing the Bible, details Bacon's "style" of literature. Now, how was this allowed if there were several groups writing the Bible by the order of King James? Someone's not telling the truth...

Then there is the food called "Corn" written all over the Bible. Based from Kurimeo's and others' studies, many would state if corn is in the Bible then this would have to be taken place in America. I also came upon this subject and had wondered why would this be the case, since corn came from America and the other lands never had this food, until the distribution of trade from the Europeans. If this is the case, then should it make sense as to the Bible dealing with America? I have been finding that the term "Jew", "Semite" and "Israel" having no validation, especially considering the religion of Judaism to be created by the Vatican Church. Since the Bible is shown to be based on Hinduism, then it's shown this culture was present from East to the West in their various forms. So, no matter what the three Abrahamic faiths details, they really come from the mother religion, which is Hinduism.

Now, when I started to see the clues on the who these Gods are in the Bible, it still connects to the Aryans going to the lands of India and China. Even when learning about the "Dagon" cult and how the Philistines were worshipers of Dagon, it states in the Bible that God had sent a great plague against them and the lands were full of mice running amok. Based from understanding the description of this plague, and how Dagon is based on the Christian religion, just naturally leads to one thing. The "Bubonic plague" that hit Europe. The Bible is detailing a parallel story of the Aryans coming into the lands of India and China, not current made ups lands of today.

This was the bombshell that started to connect things together and how the lands in the Bible were changed (for a reason). No other plague that bad had occurred anywhere else except for Europe, and seeing how they were all Christian, details that Christianity that the Biblical land of the Philistines actually pertains to Europe. Now, if the King James Bible was published in "1611", and seeing this event on the plague that occurred in Europe is the same event as the Philistines in the Bible, then it means that the timelines and locations that we are told is a lie. And based on that account, now we can look at the subject of "Corn" and how this food being discovered, would be either "before" or "during" the time of the "KJV" Bible being writtened or possibly "rewrittened". 

Now, I have layed down sources from Godfrey Higgin's book "The Anacalypsis" based on the "original" inhabitants being the black people in India and China, and the apparent "groves", "pillars" and "bloodlettings" based on the practices towards those Gods is shown to be done to this  day. When the God of fire told the Aryans to not make any cuttings and piercings towards the dead, it's shown that people are doing this China, Taiwan, India and Southeast Asia, under the Gods in the land.

Deuteronomy 14:1 “Ye are the children of the LORD your God: ye shall not cut yourselves, nor make any baldness between your eyes for the dead.” Now, based on these Gods being worshiped all over the world, and them being black, just tells me a whole different story.

So, based on the subject of slavery, I have seen several Documentaries based on the greater black Kingdoms enslaving other black tribes and sending them to wherever, to those that state they never came from Africa, but are the Black Indians of America to which have been told that they are Africans. I have heard about black people enslaving other black people in America as well. Apparently, there were reports of Native Americans having black slaves, to Native Americans enslaving other Native tribes, to even the Jews enslaving people. In the Bible states that Judah would be enslaved and have wars against Ephraim, as there would be an emnity against each other.

Even when observing the different African people, I find that there are those that have the oriental Persian looks, compared to the orginal inhabitants. This is what I had stated in "The Real Aryans" series, and "Persian Connection 1&2", as the people in "Ethiopia" and other parts of Africa, are shown to look like the Central Asians and Persian people, compared to the negroid featured people. Now, how did they get there is the question. (See "Persian connection 2" and The real Aryans 1&2")

Then I have seen Documentaries on the Irish and Scottish people being enslaved by the British, and how they were taken to America, the West Indian Islands, and Australia. Now, people can say that the Scottish and Irish people are the Israelites in the Bible due to Deuteronomy 28:68, and based on learning about the "Rh-negative" blood factor, it seems that wherever these people went, the "Rh-negative" blood follows. Also, there are many African Americans and Black Islanders with Irish names and ancestry, thus showing that there were intermingling amongst the people. This is why when studying the features of people is important, because just as they have either white skin or black skin, doesn't mean that they are true white or black people. There is the true blood, and the true bone....

Then there were Indian people that were taken by the British from India to Guyana. I can also say that they are the Israelites because the lands of India is the land the God of fire took the Aryans into, and even though there were intermingling going on, I can see that the people do have that Aryan look amongst them. The Roma people are the remnants of Indians that came to Eastern Europe from America, and seeing how they got into the worship of Kali, the Queen of Heaven, is what the God of fire had told them not to get into. Strangely enough, based on God putting a curse on the Jews that had went to "Egypt", states that they would be a vagabond, and that famine, pestilence and destruction would come upon them. This seems to synchronize to the Roma people as they went to Eastern Europe, thus deemed "the Curse of the Gypsies".

Now, based from the BBC Channel on India as it details the story from the Rig Vedas of AGNI leading the people into the lands, only reveals that it's based on Agni leading the Turkic Mongolians and how they came into those land. So, when these "modern Jews" have these symbols of the Black Cube, the six-pointed star, Islam's Black stone worship to the Cross of Christianity, I already know how these practices originally belonged to the Black nations and their Gods.

Based from seeing Documents on the Dead Sea Scrolls, are revealed as forgeries, thus having nothing to do with the Aryans or the God of fire. When learning about Azazil and how he is Michael the Archangel and "Red Horn", it's shown battling the different Entities like the Giants, the Water Spirits, demons etc., shows that this is the God of the Aryans that lead them into the lands. It's as Deuteronomy Chapter 9 states:

"Hear, O Israel: Thou art to pass over Jordan this day, to go in to possess nations greater and mightier than thyself, cities great and fenced up to heaven, A people great and tall, the children of the Anakims, whom thou knowest, and of whom thou hast heard say, Who can stand before the children of Anak! Understand therefore this day, that the LORD thy God is he which goeth over before thee; as a consuming fire he shall destroy them, and he shall bring them down before thy face: so shalt thou drive them out, and destroy them quickly, as the LORD hath said unto thee."